Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just like that

Remember the reading challenge that I took up, here? One month already into the new year and I am done with just one book. But given the times that I have to do my reading, I am sure I'll catch up.

You can find my views on the book I read here. This is a new page I created to put all my book reviews in one place.

Other than that, a lot else has been happening in life.

Lots of work, school hunting for the kid; discipline lessons for him (he is getting ready to turn 5, which I guess is a completely new phase for them)

And dealing with alot of snow and cold. so much that I am already tired of it now.
Still, I can't believe we are already into February now.
It is the B'day as well as anniversary month for me

Kid is more excited about the B'day than me these days because he just looks forward to the cake.

On anniversary issue, it is a whole diferent story. This time when I went to India,I showed him a lot of my childhood pictures. So he was pretty amazed that her mom was not always the same. She was also a kid at one point and used to wear "baby" clothes !!

And then I showed him my wedding pictures. That's the part that made him really really upset.

How come mommy daddy decided to "do shaadi" without inviting Aayush?

When I told him that actually you were busy playing football with God up there, then his next question was "Well, then you could have waited for me. Am I not your Paalo betu (dear son)?"

Most of the times these days, I don't have an answer for his questions :-)

So, what's been happening at your end?


Shilpa Garg said...

Feb is anniversary month for us too! :)
You can say that again... kids at this age are quite a handful! Loved his answer.... sooooooooo cute!! :))

Anonymous said...

Wow! Feb is anniversary month for us too :)
Loved Aayush's cute and clever reply :)
Have a good time!!

Raam Pyari said...

ahahhahaha..this is hilarious! paalu betu!