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Here, you can find book reviews for the books that I have read recently and touched me enough to think and review them.


I just finished reading "The Weight of Heaven" by Thrity Umrigar and enjoyed every minute of the book.
Here is the book excerpt from

When Frank and Ellie Benton lose their only child, seven-year-old Benny, to a sudden illness, the perfect life they had built is shattered. Filled with wrenching memories, their Ann Arbor home becomes unbearable, and their marriage founders. But an unexpected job half a world away offers them an opportunity to start again. Life in Girbaug, India, holds promise—and peril—when Frank befriends Ramesh, a bright, curious boy who quickly becomes the focus of the grieving man's attentions. Haunted by memories of his dead son, Frank is consumed with making his family right—a quest that will lead him down an ever-darkening path with stark repercussions.

Filled with satisfyingly real characters and glowing with local color, The Weight of Heaven is a rare glimpse of a family and a country struggling under pressures beyond their control. In a devastating look at cultural clashes and divides, Umrigar illuminates how slowly we recover from unforgettable loss, how easily good intentions can turn evil, and how far a person will go to build a new world for those he loves.

For me the best parts of the book were:

a) the way FRank and Ellie invidually handle the loss of their own child. I guess there is no easy way to handle that and each and every action of their reflects that.  It was heart breaking to see how much they were in love with each other and how their love and relation starts going distant.

b) I loved the character of Nandita. She was the bridge between Ellie and her new life in a small town in india.

c) The way the book portrays the obsession of Frank, specially towards the end and the actions he is willing to take for his obsession, just reflect how complicated human emotions are and how far can one go in order to fulfill their obsessions.

The book touches on a lot of other things too, like how a small village is affected by a company from US taking over their forests, how an American views the labor problem in India.

Overall, a very good read. An amotional one though !!
One of the books which really made me think about
About life in general, relationships and what matters the most in life.

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