Sunday, April 20, 2014

P is for poles apart yet so similar

You two.... two pieces of my heart
Both of you are poles apart yet so similar to each other
Ones loves to dress up and get ready, the other one doesn't give a damn about the dressing up part. One loves music, other loves to dance. One loves to read, other loves to create all together new stories. One adores mommy, other is the apple of daddy's eyes.

Yet you 2 are so similar to each other. Looking at the earliest pictures of you two, no-one can tell who's who. Even when you go outside to play, you keep an eye on each other. If she falls, he'll leave  his game in between to go pick her up and check if she got hurt. If he is riding his bike too fast, she'll warn him yelling from one of the street: "Aayush, be careful!!"
You fight with each other all the time but as soon as I scold one of you, you form a joint coalition party to calm each other down.
You remind me so much of the days of my childhood and the void that I have in my life today. May you both be there for each other at every step of life, against all odds.

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