Friday, April 18, 2014

O is for Open mindedness

P.S: This is my make up post for yesterday when my sleep took over me and I could not blog.

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one".
- Malcolm S. Forbes

But I tend to disagree with the above quote. Because I don't think only education is the medium that opens up your mind. In my journey so far, I have seen so many highly educated people, yeh with their thoughts and thinking so limited and closed. And have also come across folks who cannot be tagged as "highly educated" and yet have changed their ways and opened their minds to newer ideas and thoughts like no one else could.

How can a father, who 
- fights with the entire army of relatives and known by, just so that his daughter can  go and work in a completely new and different city after completing her studies because thats what her education is meant for, 
- trusts her daughters and gives them the liberty to take their decisions about their jobs and career
- Gives them the freedom to travel anywhere within the city at any time of day
- Questions the practices of his own religion and shuns the one which do not make sense or do not seem practical in today's times

be not an open minded person? That too, when he has changed a new leaf from the times when he restricted his own sisters from going to movies with the family in anything other than "traditional salwar suits"?

On the other hand, consider the so called "highly educated folks" who:
- Would not let their daughter in laws go anywhere without them escorting them to the rickshaw/bus stand to "protect" them.
- Make the smallest of decision for their kids, heck even what they should want to eat (and trust me, this is absolutely true, I have personally seen this happening)
- Have double standards openly followed in the house - one for their own daughters and other for  the daughters they married their sons to.
- Blindly follow the traditions and customs of religion, without once questioning them or reasoning them.

Sorry, they may be educated officers or what not, but in my opinion, they are the most closed minded folks out there.

PS: Sorry, if the tone of my post seems like a "rant" because it actually is. 

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