Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Birthday Girl

She is someone who can light up the room with her spirit.
She is the one who sprinkles droplets of laughter and happiness wherever she goes, no matter when and where
Her laughter is the reason mom calls her “jhunjhuna” of the house
She can lift up your spirits when you're down
She can make you a sliver of light when you are stuck in the darkest of the despair.

She is the one who has my biggest pillar of support and strength; when I was away from home from studies; when I am away in this firangi land
She  has been the bestest of my friends

So, on your birthday, my sis, I wish you the happiness of whole world
I wish every single wish and dreams of yours to come true
I wish that all the things that you are struggling with right now, may you have the courage and strength and audacity to cross every barrier and achieve everything that you want
Because you have worked so hard to deserve all that you want.

And on this special day of yours, I also want to tell you how much I love you and miss you
Because we don’t say that often to each other
But remember, you are always in my thoughts and in my wishes
And always close to you

A very happy and loving Birthday, Sis!!


Laura Clipson said...

This is wonderful, and I think of my sister exactly the same way.
Aww, those pictures are so adorable. I once had an Alsatian who looked great in a woolly hat.
I’m an A to Z helper this year, so I’ll be checking back to make sure everything’s OK :)

KeepingItSimple said...

My wishes for the Birthday Girl too !!!

Keep up the good work.

Have a great time ahead !!!

As I write said...

@Laura: Welcome and thanks for your kind words and offer to check back.
I am glad you liked the pictures.

@KeepignItsimple: Thanks for the wishes and welcome here.

shweta said...

Someone is very happy reading this blog and in fact there are mails being sent to everyone with this blog abt her.. though just to make others jealous... hope you know who...

As I write said...

@shweta: that's great na that she liked it so much. And as for the jealousy, tell her that letter S still needs to be written. (This is a A to Z challenge)