Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All that matters

This is my first post (Letter A) for the A to Z Challenge. As I try to get back to blogging, this post is more as a note to myself. 

No matter how others see you or think about you, all that matters is how you treat yourself and what you think about yourself. 
You are the one who is responsible for your happiness or even sadness
You are the only one who can take care of yourself best

No one can hurt you without you giving them that right. 
No one else can make you happy if you cannot be happy in your own company.
You cannot change or influence what others think about you if you yourself do not have the capability to accept and appreciate who you are.
Each person is different and so are the circumstances surrounding each one of us.
So instead of looking at glass as half empty, try to change the perspective and look at it as half full.
And this new outlook will change the way how you experience and embrace things in life.
And do this, not for anyone else,but just for yourself
Because again,
All that matters is YOU.

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