Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for the candy crush

Yes,  the game that I have my crush on these days is my blog topic for the letter C.
Initially when I downloaded this game on my phone, it was just to try the ongoing buzz around this game.
But then I was hooked, levels after levels after levels.
(And for those interested, I am currently stuck at level 125 for the last 3 weeks)

I like the game and keep coming to it, but I wouldn't say I am addicted to it.
With limited lives available in the game, limited free available on my hand, and so many more things in the world to spend my money on, I get just an okay dose of this game.

However, here is a list of some interesting things about this game, which took me by surprise:

1.Currently, there are roughly 93 million active daily users averaging around 1.085 billion games per day. This means that each player is averaging a dozen games every day!

2. If you combine the time spent by all the users to have ever played the game, it totals to around 120,000 years of playtime.Of all the players who play the game, 69% are women, 30% are men while the remaining 1% are UNKNOWN! Proof that aliens do exist!?

3. The most common name among all the players is Maria, with around 300,000 players sharing the name.

4.  The Candy Crush craze knows no boundaries and has left no area in the world untouched with 3 players from Antarctica also having played the game. I didn't even know they had access to the internet there!

5. Candy Crush brings in roughly $990,000 per day, without advertising! King generates revenue through their in-app purchases.  In most mobile games you see many different advertisements.  King decided they were making enough profit off of in-app purchases, allowing them to remove their advertisements.

6.  A 14 year old boy became so obsessed with the game that he purchased $4,300 worth of boosts and extra lives in game.

7. In the United Kingdom, a special residential rehab facility was opened to help people overcome their addiction to the game,

8. There is an entire Etsy page dedicated to Candy Crush items.  Fans of the game have decided to create their own inspired merchandise to sell.  The page has everything from Candy Crush inspired clothing, to earrings, to coffee mugs.

9. People can actually purchase the Candy Crush candies now.  The famous New York candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar, created actual Candy Crush candies for people to purchase.  They created ‘Chocolate Color Bombs’, ‘Jelly Fish Gummies’, ‘Mixed Fruit Gummies’ and ‘Sour Fruit Gummies’.

Huh, pretty neat, isn't it? May be next time I need to do similar research on the games I grew up with like Ludo, Checkers and Housie.

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Suzanne Sapsed said...

I enjoy playing CCS but I've realised after reading some of these statistics that I'm nowhere near as addicted as some!
Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

Anonymous said...

haha! Aliens..Ive never tried playing but guess CCG is the toast of the season globally:)

Sherry Ellis said...

Candy Crush is definitely an addictive game!

As I write said...

@Suzanne:Welcome to my space. And you are so right. People are way more addicted to this game than I knew.

@Vishalbheeroo: Can't say whether I should recommend you to even to try it or not :-)

@Sherry: Welcome and thanks for taking time.

Shilpa Garg said...

I tried it for a few days and then abandoned it. This was when I had just given up on FarmVille after playing it for 3 yrs non-stop... day in and day out!! These games are too addictive.

As I write said...

@shilpa:I know, I avoided Farmville all the time and finally fell for this game. If my kids were not so young, I would be hung up on this game whole day :)