Friday, May 10, 2013

Baaton baaton mein

Since I don't get a chance to sit down and think straight these days, here are some random updates from my day to day life:

Whatever happens, happens for a reason

Till some time back, I was really frustrated and disappointed in the way things around me happened. I mean, I had always heard "Good things happen with good people". Yet I saw so many instances of not so good people getting away with their purpose and meanness and the good people I so cared and worried about being left behind hurt.
But, now I am at a stage in life, where I do sit back and observe and analyse the things around me a lot.
And slowly and over time, I have started believing in the strong power and presence of Him up there. I have never been the "traditional" religious in my whole life. Take me to a temple and I won't even know how to do even one ritual properly. I believe and interact with God in my own way. Therefore, I have started realizing that He evens out the things in the long run by himself. He does look over people everywhere.
And something today that happened made that belief just stronger when he turned the course of events which nobody expected and yet it made so much sense.
Amen to that.
Late night workout?

I have been struggling with my weight issues for the longest time that I can remember  Being a typical PCOD case, it is very difficult for me to lose weight. And now, with life and everything revolving around two kids and work, I hardly have time to sit down, forget about anything related to fitness.
Last year, when I switched to a part time work schedule, I joined a fitness club and used to go there directly after work. After a month or so, I did notice a change in my metabolism and fitness.
I was able to walk and even run for longer times.
but then, with switching back to full time schedule, all that was gone.
Recently, I got an email from the same club to join back at the same prices they offered me last time.
(Most of the clubs here need a 9 to 12 month commitment and this one was on a month to month basis)
I am so inclined to join it back. I am trying to figure out when I can go and work out.
And given my work hours, kids dinner time, and the club hours, the only feasible hours for me seem like either at 5 AM in the morning or at 9 in the evening. 5 AM in the morning may be a bit stretch given that husband leaves home early for work. I am so tempted to give 9 PM a try. Has anyone tried working out late in the evening? Does it impact your sleep schedule?

Conversation on FB

I recently posted a picture of mine with my son on FB. And people who know me know that I rarely post my own pictures. I am not the most camera friendly person. And add to that, that my husband never remembers to take pictures of me. That fellow will take the pictures of even the smallest of ghaas-phoos around the house but not me!! and whenever I'll complain about it, he'll start his filmi dialoguebazi and self made shero-shayari.
So once I posted that picture there, it prompted comments from some of my friends circle. And we started talking about the days when 6 of us were staying in an apartment in Pune.
Yes, before I got married, I was working in Pune and 6 of us (we all met in the company only) used to share an apartment. And those were such good times. It was the first job for each of us and a new city too.
Office was just 10 mins walking distance and we were right in the middle of the most famous locations of Pune.
And once we all started talking, everyone was remembering how good those days were; life was so easy and smooth; no hassles!! It really felt good connecting to such old friends after such a long time.

Terrible 2s

This age of kids between 18 months and 2 years is such a wonderful age. New milestone almost every day, new word as they start babbling, new shararat, new ways of getting into trouble.
Every evening, as I run from my office to daughter's day care to pick up, she makes it the best part of my day when she runs so carelessly and so happily towards me. At that moment, no chair, no toys, no balls or block sin the room  can slow her down. She'll jump into my arms and when I ask her, "How was your day"
She'll reply "Doog  (Her version of good)
And then she'll ask "Daddy? Aayush?"
I'll tell her they are at home.
As soon as I park the car in the driveway, she'll start calling for her dad
And then once her dad comes to get her from the car,
her demand would "Nice, outdoor"
(Which is her version of saying, it is nice, so let's play outside)
Her best playmate is her brother, who also rewinds down to being 2 years once she is at home.
None of his friends or their games matter once sister asks him to let her accompany him on his toy car
or when she wants to play kick ball with him.
Seeing her play so nicely, no one can even guess the kind of tantrums she throws when she doesn't get what she wants
Like when mummy refuses her for a cookie/cereal when it is dinner time
or when Aayush won't let her scribble on his school library books
or when mom won't let her take out all the clothes from the drawer 6th time again
(Have you noticed, in all this dad is never the bad cop? That is the secret of her being dad's girl)
At those time, all hell breaks loose, and all her tear glands and the voice chords in the throat support her too well.
This is, I am guessing what people say, is terrible two's.
I am really really hoping, it gets over soon.
But as one of the veteran parent at work place says (He has 3 daughters under the age of 6)
"This is just the beginning. It gets worse from here, till they reach 25." :-)

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Shilpa Garg said...

Good to see you back!!
Agree completely, God has his ways and shows us His will at all times. All we need to have is faith in Him. Glad that things worked out for you!
Have never been to a gym at that hour but have seen many people doing that after work hours... so must be ok, I guess.
Same here, since I am the official photographer of the family, my pics are just missing from so many occasions and celebrations and nobody remembers to click mine! :(
This is just the beginning... enjoy your time with the lil one!
Cheers :)