Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dil dhoondhta hai fir wohi...

Some of the random things/moments from my past which I miss so much at times...

-- Mumma ke haath ka bani garma garam roti

-- Sitting in the sun and chatting with sisters while drying the just washed hair

- - Those long train journeys between Delhi and Varanasi, eating the food packed from home and chatting/playing antakshari/cards with friends

-- Receiving those impropmtu phone calls from bua/mama/nani/chachi in the pre-cell phone and pre-caller Id era.

-- Eating golgappe on the road side from a leaf bowl and having that mouth burning, lingering taste of the  paani after that

-- Bargaining with the shopkeeper over any and every thing bought

-- Annual trip to Nai Sadak to buy used books before the new session began, and enjoying kulfi falooda before catching the last bus back to home

--The smell of mehandi on my hands

-- Getting cream rolls during the interval everytime we went to watch a movie.

--Waiting impatiently for the first 2 songs on chitrahaar(Those used to be the latest songs; followed by songs from old movies)

--Waking up to Rangoli songs on Sunday mornings and ending the week with Superhit Muqabla

--Complaining to papa about having "malai"in the milk every night he got us all milk and then running to the kitchen to strain it

--Renting VCR and running to the nearest video library to grab the latest movie

--Getting the folding bed out in the backyard and all 6 of us laying the dark, electicity-less nights

--Never ending nautanki and filmi dailogue-baazi in the house with my sisters and brother
(Seriously, my brother and middle sister can enact jeetendra-Nirupa roy in such a way that you can die laughing. They are all a comical team on their own; Story for another post)

Sigh... this list can go and on because I linger on and treasure my past a lot. I remember I wrote these lines on my college diary when I got my friends to write in it before we were leaving the college:

आने वाला कल एक सपना हैं
गुज़रा कल बस अपना है
हम गुज़रे कल में रहते है
यादों के सब जुगनू जंगल में रहते है

(The future / tomorrow is a dream
The past / yesterday is just my own
I am living in the past
All the fireflies of my memories live in the jungle )


Smita said...

You made me nostalgic about some similar things that I miss in life!!!


Hoping to relive some next month when i going to my parents place for a fortnight

Reflections said...

Lovely post, agree with Smita...u made me reminisce too:-)

Sara said...

Hit your blog after a long time and knew what I had been missing.Terrific post!