Thursday, March 8, 2012


My "not so little anymore" son is at a age where he loves to talk and talk and talk and talk (you get the gist, right?)  and I often tell him "Beta, aap baatein to  bohot pyaari pyaari karte ho, lekin bohot saari karte ho "
Being a 2000 era boy, he hasn't seen the epic Sholay, so most of the time he doesn't get the humour !!
Anyways, so these days, anytime he talks, it is 50% logic (as he understands it) and other 50% is his imagination.
so, here are some of the Aayush-isms, as I say them, that I have noted:

a) We cannot move our house from current place to any other place because then Santa Clause won't know how to find him and that would be a "really big" problem. Oh wait, Santa Clause lives at the North Pole, so he can definitely see our new house from up there. So, it is now okay if we want to move to a different place (Thank you hai Santa Clause jee)

b) If it snows,mommy doesn't need to be worried or scared about driving in the snow because God will help us and save us. He knows that our car is blue and he'll help up because car is blue and snow is white. So he can see the car from up there in the sky too. He said all this to Aayush last night.  (Mommy thinks this is the effect of having a religion class at school every Wednesday)

c) So, he comes home and tells mom he did not like his lunch today so he threw it all. Helpless mom tries to explain him that by throwing food,he is wasting food and that is also wasting money.So if he wastes money, there would be no money for his toys anymore. And the reply comes "Don't worry !! I have tons of money in my piggy bank. So if you or daddy need some, let me know. and also, is it okay now if I throw away my lunch tomorrow again?" (and mom faints !!)

d) His very serious question: How come you chose daddy to get married to? Don't you have to choose someone you don't know to get married?
And my equally serious answer to him: "Actually, I did not know your daddy when I married him.I got to know him only afterthe marriage (me thinks: toooo late !!)"
To which he laughs out loud and says: "Well how could you not know daddy? You live in the same house. You pack him lunch, he brings groceries. You even have his phone number. I even saw in your "shaadi" pictures you two were laughing. So you DID know him. You are just tricking me!! Well, I am not going to get tricked by you"
And mommy decides to let him be tricked till he understands the tricky thing called marriage :-)

Well, I do need a crash course in imagination and creative thinking to keep up with my boy now.
But I am already back to basics of "aa gaba gaba" (blabbering baby talk) with my 6 months old trying her best to invent an altogether new language with her blabbers and coohs.
Every time I look at my angels and thank the one up there for blessing with these, these beautiful lines come to my mind:

Dekho inhein yeh hai onss ki boodein
Patto ki goodh mein aasamaan se khude
Angdai le phir karwat badal kar
Nazuk se moti hasde phishal kar

Yeh toh hai sardi mein Dhoop ki kirane
Uthre jo aangan ko sunehara sa karne
Maan ke andhero ko roshan sa karde
Thiturti hatheli ki rangat badal de

Jaise aankhon ki debiyan mein neediyan
Aur neediyan mein meetha sa sapna
Aur sapne mein mil jaye faristha sa koi
Jaise rango bhari peechkari
Jaise Thitliyan phoolo ki pyari
Jaise bina matlab ka pyaara rista ho koi

Dekho raaton ke sene pe yeh to
Jhil mil kisi lao se uge hain
Yeh to andiyan ke khushbo hai bhago se beh chale
Jaise kaanch mein chudi ke tukde
Jaise khile khile phoolon ke mukhde
Jaise bansi koi bajaye pedo ke taale


Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome back!! be there more often, We all get to know more about the little kidos. Take care and give my love to both of them....

Kanupriya said...

Hi, dropped in here after long and looks like even u r busy with the little ones a lot these days. Love to them :-) & reading this post made me listen to this song again today.

Reflections said...

Aha a post after a looong time!!!!

These questions abt marriage puzzzle them endless and we add to their confusion by giving them ambiguous answers;-D.

Good to see back:-))!!!!

Sara said...

All his talks are so cute!!Write more often!!

Jai said...

Nice writing, it shows u write such unique things in your blogs.