Saturday, December 3, 2011

The pink blanket

A cute little boy once had a little pink blanket. He loved his blanket the most. He received it from the lovely nurses at the hospital where he was born and it was really a beautiful blanket, with pink flannel on one side and beautiful embroidery on the other side. He took his blanket every where, no matter what. He played with it, sat on it, slept with it, cuddled with it.

When he got upset, that's what his mom and dad used to calm and soothe him. When he started going to  day care, he used to sit in one corner with his blanket when he missed his mommy and daddy. Winter or summer, no matter what climate, he just had to have that blanket. He was so attached to it that mom had to sneak it out of his hands when he slept to wash and dry it. And because the boy was so attached to his blanket, the "pink blankie" (as the boy called it) traveled places with him; to the zoo, to the movie halls, to the malls, on car and air trips, even got to go on a "merry go round" with him.

Then days changed to weeks, weeks to months and months to years and the blanket started fading and giving up threads, started showing wear and tears and the boy started growing up. So much so, that the blanket was now short of covering him up. But still the boy was not willing to give it up. It was still the "best blanket" for him in the "whole wide world"

And then the unbelievable happened. The boy decided to part with the blanket. First he decided to share and then declared that he would give the blanket.

if you have not yet figured out, then I am talking about my own kid and his fascinating pink blanket that he loved soooooooooo much throughout. He decided to give up his valuable comfy blanket to his li'l sister since "she is so little and the blanket will keep her really warm" (his exact words).

I was touched by this gesture of his because I knew how much he loved his blanket. And I am proud of the brotherly love he already has for his sister. May this love between you two bloom throughout the life.
And let me tell you my boy, I'll make sure to tell this incident to your sister when she is grown up enough to understand and still fights with you and comes running to me complaining "aayush bhaiya mujhe kuch nahin dete hain"

Aayush and Kashvi's mom

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BK Chowla, said...

For me ,blanket is not as important as him agreeing to share.Sharing is caring.
You seem to be investing in your children well.