Friday, June 24, 2011

The race is on

Between the 2 kids to see who can make their mom pull out her hair.
One is not here yet (and he/she still manages to do that)
and other one, who has been here for little over 4 years, tries to act as if he has been in this world much much before we were here :-)

One thinks there is a massive playground inside and tries to play soccer, jumping jacks and somersaults, with little consideration for the little lady carrying him.

Other is busy making sure that when mom reaches home and parks the car, she enters the driveway in reverse gear and the car is parked with the wheels turned "thedha" (turned sideways) (** he is obsessed these days with where and how cars are parked). At other times, he is busy turning his own ride-on car upside down(and inspect some of the mechanics going in the rear of the car) and wrecking the lawns of the neighbours and claims the whole street in the neighbourhood to his own bike and his bike friends.

One has no other task during the day except to keep kicking me so hard I have to ask to calm down or to make me run to pee every half an hour.

And as for the other one,he has one standard answer when I refuse or don't give in to any of his tantrums "Mom, you are mean !!"
and me thinks: "Sure beta, that's why I am your mom!!"

I am still hoping that despite this kind of trailor, the movie ahead will still be worth watching
(and again hope is all I can do :-)
So, waht do all those parents who have already been through this phase say?
Does it get any better? Please say it does .......... 


Reflections said...

Does it get any better????

Ummmm the phase is a killer...but after sometime...

Sure it gets the sense tht u get used to it;-D


Dil se said...

Nancy: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am sure I'll survive this phase and come out stronger to face what's coming next :-)