Friday, July 15, 2011

And it happens yet again

Yes, the blasts, the killing, the chaos, the bloodshed; the same city attacked all over again
it all happened again yesterday
And with that, also happened the same old drama and dialogue-bazi from our politicians
Mr PM, today after the blasts you are saying , "Govt will do everything to prevent attacks in future"
Well, for a change, can you start doing something for today and stop putting off everything for tomorrow?
Whatever you are going to do to prevent future attacks, why was it not done before these blasts?
Were you waiting for these to happen to trigger off your action plans?

Incidentally, I watched the movie "A Wednesday" just last weekend again
And as I was reading all over the net about these blasts, some of the dialogues from this movie were playing in my head:

"Aapke ghar mein cockroach aate hai to aap use paalte nahi, maarte hai."
(And we believe in spending hundreds of thousands of rupees on making that cockroach let live a confortable life in jail)

"Logo mein gussa bahut hai, unhe aazmana band kijiye. We are resilient by force, and not by choice. Galti hamari hai. Humlog bahut jaldi ‘used to’ ho jaate hai. Ek aisa haadsa hota hai to channel badal badal ke sara maazra dekh liya. Sms kiya, phone kiya, shukr manaya ki humlog bach gaye aur phir us situation se ladne ke bajaye hum uske saath adjust karma shuru kar dete hai."

"Jo bomb blast hue, wo sirf ek terrorist activity nahi the, bahut bade sawaal the. Aur wo sawaal ye tha ki bhai, hum to tumhe isi tarah maarenge, tum kya kar loge?"
(Exactly, that's what the question is: Can we do anything or not? It's high time that this country stops hiding behind the policies of peace loving and following Gandhi principles. It is the era of "Either you let me live peacefully or I'll come back and get you")

Seriously, when will the politicians and policy makers in this country wake up?
Isn't the sounds of these blasts loud enough to make them hear what a common man in this country expects them to do?


Comfy said...

The sound of blast is not loud enough for the leaders of the country because it is not in their houses and none of their loved ones are harmed. For the commom man it is always 'we condone the act'. The End.

Sad but true.

BK Chowla, said...

Country need serious governance.Those who are expected to govern are busy making dirty money and the nation has been let down

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Dil se said...

@Comfy: Very true. As long as it happens to the other people, the leaders of our country are least bothered.
@BK Chowla: And that's the fact that angers me the most.The available resources in our country are used, only for the luxuries and conviniences of so called leaders, not to solve the day to day problems of common man.

Dil se said...

@ITB Team: Thanks for the mention and I am truly honoured.