Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nagging doesn't work, this works :)

NOTE: I know, with this post I am going to get a lot of bashing from my male readers. But what you read ahead is the truth, as I have experienced it :-)

So, when god started creating the creature called MAN, basically his design was all okay kinds, but somewhere, when he was giving the finishing touches with all behavioral traits, some ratio got messed up and that creature ended up with one peculiar trait: they did exactly opposite of what they were told to do, and somehow the switch to this behavior gets activated sometime after the marriage.
Like for instance, tell them to put their towel on the stand after shower and it will everyday be found lying on the bed. Ask them humbly to check their pockets for any papers before throwing them in laundry and guaranteed, you'll find shreds of some paper in your machine next time you do the laundry.

So, in my house,one of the things that is the center point of our argument is our cordless phone handset. Yes, the mere phone. Husband dear doesn't like to use the cellphone a lot. But every time he uses the handset, he just ignores to put it back on the charger. And next time he needs the phone, the whole house goes up and down looking for that handset because some time it is found under the couch (because he was sitting on the carpet last time was talking on the phone) or another time it is found behind the bed.
And then, sometimes, while he is talking on the phone, the phone would start beeping because of low battery, so he would have to run to the pick up the fixed handset.
However, despite me nagging him most of the time to put the phone on the handset after talking, he very conveniently assumes that I would do that for him and continues to do the same.

But last week, I had to change this for better. So, as usual, after talking on the phone, he kept the handset on his side table.
Talked the next day again and put the handset on the same spot again.
Third day, same story
Fourth day, started talking to his brother on the phone, the phone started beeping mid way, so put the handset down again on the same pot and talked on the fixed handset
Fifth day, started making the call, but the phone started beeping at the start only. So put the handset again at the same spot, and used the cell phone this time.
Sixth day, he picked up the phone and then realized it was low on battery. so went and put it on the charger.
7th day made the call and then started putting the phone back again on his side table and suddenly noticed me noticing him (and me trying to control my laughter)
and all of a sudden, it all came back to him
And then he yelled "Tu kisi Debra se kam nahin hai (You are no less than any Debra (from Everybody loves Raymond))

The good thing is he didn't hear me saying "And you are no less than the Raymond, Idiot !!"

Yeah, but all this training of mine is going to be wasted as we are headed for a short trip to India tomorrow. Yes, the MIL is all waiting to pamper and shower all her love (through her food) to both her boys(yes, the BIL is also joining us this time there) and the grand kids
So I'll see you all after about 3 weeks. But I m sure I'll have lots of stories to share when I come back. This India trip is expected to be pretty eventful. I just have to wait and see how those events unfold.


vimmuuu said...

Usually I am the one to jump and defend men! But I am not doing it this time ! Lets see if any of your other male readers would react!! :D :D :D :D

Iam a great fan of Everybody loves Raymond too !! I have the entire series with me and I keep them on whenever I feel low. My fav character is Frank ! :D :D :D And guess what, my family is more or less like that.

The Wizardspost said...

Great Post ... With insights into the heart of the subject...and subtle humor.
Enjoyed reading it :)
please check out my site too.


Sara said...

Good luck for your India trip.And good luck for tolerating MIL's smothering of the BIG kiddos.Just remember - this too shall pass :)