Monday, January 10, 2011

It happens only in India

Yes, the India trip did finally come to an end. And we arrived here in single piece. Yes, the way the customs and immigration people checked us and questioned us and checked us again, we had started doubting ourselves.
Anyways, this time it was a comparitively short one but quite eventful trip. My brother in law had also joined us from Canada this time. And some of the highlights of the trip:
a) Mother in law, as expected did whip out 2 "jinns" from her jaadui chirag. One was called "Rahul the full time cook" and other was called "Vinod the full time driver"
So, Mr Rahul was really an expert cook but he was pretty dispappointed when we subsidized on the amount of oil he was using in the food, just for the sake of keeping our stomach "happy" and not upset. And the very next day, we gave him another shock by asking him to cut down on the spices, so that the kids out eat the food without shouting "Mirchi" after every bite.
and his comment was "Are? Bina mirchi tel ke bhi koi khana banta hai kya?"
But he still managed to create new surprises for us everyday. From Chole Bhature, spring rolls, Aloo Bedami, Fried rice and Veg Machurian, amazing paneer tikka and the list goes on and on.

b) And now Mr Vinod, he was an expert on Delhi roads. Ask him to go anywhere and he would find the route to that place and take us there. It was a big big relief and change for me from driving myself everywhere, worrying about the kid in the backseat to relaxing myself in the backseat, enjoying FM radio. Call me insane or what, but the longer it took to get to a place, the happier I was.

c) We had a marriage function to attend.With just 3 days left for the function, immediately bought a new saree, gave the blouse for stiching on an urgent basis to one of the females. She promised to get it done the evening before the occassion. Then she called that evening saying one of her workers ran away, so she is going to get it for us first thing in the morning. Finally, we were to leave for the venue at 1 and she came to our house to deliver the blouses at 12. OMG !!

But, if asked to pick some of the best moments of my trip, they were:
a) The evening I reached my mom's place, all my sisters had also arrived there with my nephew and niece. And then finally when my brother also got back from his work, we all just sat there, talked, pulled each others' legs, let the kids fight among themselves. That one evening still lingers on my mind.

b) Talking a walk to the weekly "mangal bazaar" with mom (which by the way is just 5 minutes from my house) picking up knick-knacks, bargaining and laughing away with the vendors and coming back home with bagfull of fruits, vegetables and all sorts of stuff.

c) Watching my son play in the mud and dirt in the park next to my house, since his over cautious dad and grandma and grandpa would not let him do those things back at in laws house. He had a blast rolling all over in the park, jumping over muddy waters and chasing after the street dogs and cows. And I had a blast watching him do these and later showing those pictures and teasing his dad :-)

All in all, an amazing trip. and while I try to settle down in my work and home,  I promise to get back to all the stories I have missed pretty soon.


Rajlakshmi said...

you had a lovely time :D
such a feel good post :) aww now i am missing my home.

MindfulMeanderer said...

:) Sounds like a wonderful trip.
happy new year :)

vimmuuu said...

We want the pics; this wont do ! :D

Anonymous said...

Im sure you have enjoyed ur trip in India. This post is well written and with ur heart. This way it makes the readers feel the emotions involved.

Smitha said...

Wow! What a wonderful trip that sounds like :) Makes me want to go home!

Kanupriya said...

Ah glad u had a great trip and whatever time we get to spend with loved ones are such cherished moments. Post some pics esp. of "mangal bazaar" shopping :)

Dil se said...

@Rajlakshmi: Awww, I understand !!
@MM: A very happy new year (sorry too belated) to you too.

Dil se said...

@Vimmuu: Yeah, that's still on my to do list, downloading the pics and arranging :-)

Dil se said...

@Vishalbheeroo: Welcome to the blog and thanks for your words of appreciation.
@smitha: Yes I did have a really nice trip.

Dil se said...

@Kanu: True !! And about the pictures of "mangal bazaar", see, I am always bad at carrying my camera/phone everywhere. So no pics of that place :-(

Spice said...

Just landed up here from somehwere...somewhere.....couldn't leave without leaving a comment here....found so much to relate to my last trip to in usa...for me it's a trip to veer bazar in delhi & yes my toddler also loved to play in the dirt during our last trip & I also let her do but the day my husband saw her he was freaked words were immunity bante hai... & only suit I got stiched was delivered to me the day I had to leave, for similar kind of reasons like yours....I guess took so much of your comment space....enjoyed reading your post...