Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it just me?

People, gosh !! Some of them have so unique ways to irk you, when they want to. Like they'll start the conversation with a simple and innocent question "So, how's the job?"
And then, a simple "Fine, going good" just doesn't satisfy their inquisitive nature.
So they go ahead and take the next step and ask "And how's the pay in your company?"
And I try to skirt the issue with a standard reply "Just about the same as any other company in this industry"

No, but they are not yet satisfied. So they take another step and fearlessly (and shamelessly, pardon my words here) fire this question "And how much do you make on your position?"

Now I don't know if it just me who gets irked by this question or others feel this way too, but I just can't tolerate people asking me this question. I feel this questions is total invasion of someone's financial and professional privacy. In my heart, I want to blast out and say "Oh, I just don't make anything on my job. In fact I am doing a charity for my company. And while we are on this, I don't have enough to pay the rent this month. Can I borrow a $1000 from you, if you don't mind"
But on face, I just try to ignore this question. More often than not, topics like weather, TV programs, kids issues come handy.
But the fact is, that I have struggled with this issue a lot and very frequently.
And that too, not just from random people, but people from close relations, people I haven't thought about being and don't want to be disrespectful to.
I could understand if such a question came from someone elderly like my Nani
but the irony is that even when I broke the news of my first job after college (And I was the first girl on my Nani's side going for a job), she never asked me what I was going to earn. I was surprised at her subtle yet concerned comment "Beta Paise to theek thak mil rahe honge na (you must be getting decent money, right?)"

Or may be it was because I came from a background where never once did my parents asked  any of their married kids how much was their salary.
And when I get so upset from other person's deliberate invasion of my financial situation, I try to convince myself that I'll also play this way and ask them the same question when I talk them the next time. But, somehow, I can never bring up myself to do the same. I just steam it off onsomething or other
And the cycle keeps on going.
Does it hapen to you too? Is it some thing that make you really, really mad?
Like this one makes me sooooooooooo mad and helpless at the same time !!


Pesto Sauce said...

I too get irritated when someone asks how much I make...I have not taken any loans yet from anyone nor do I plan to but its bugging curiosity that many have

rauf said...

i don't know how i got here. Please don't ask me. Its kind of homely here, no fancy, just Dhaal roti which i love. hope you don't find this offensive.

My financial matters are public. You can put my name along with the Tatas and Birlas. Actually i am richer than them because i sleep very well and i can afford to be very very lazy. i wake up only when i feel like waking up. i have no credit card and no money in the bank. all my friends know that.

oh new iPod ? you got money ?
No, no, Boo sent this from England for my birthday.

Dil se said...

Pesto Sauce, Rauf: Welcome to the blog. Thanks for dropping by and your viewpoint.