Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some memories are forever

I am sure each one of us have a memory of some special place or special soneone tucked away safely under the layers of our mind, which comes back to us every now and then.
I have a memory of one such special place, from my childhood.

I was born and brought up in Ranchi, a place in Bihar. Believe me when I say it, it was a completely different place then.
Ranchi was considered the hill station of the state, with all its scenic beauty and beautiful falls.

The house we used to live was names "Jain Niwas"
And the front porch of the house, we used to call it "chajja"; that is the special place I am talking about.

It was the place where Mummy used to sit and chat with all neighbouring aunties, while all the kids played downstains in the front "aangan"
That way, they all could keep an eye on their kids

That was the place where Sunday mornings, we all three sisters would take our turn to get our hairs oiled by mummy.

That was the place we used to watch the rains from, the aeroplanes in the sky from.

That was the place from where I would yell the "puchke wala", "chana chor garam wala" and the "son papdi wala" bhaiya to wait while I go and ask mummy if I could have those

That was the place from where mummy used to call "Dolly ki mummy" to ask tap water was coming in their house or not !!

And that was the place where we all would sit on long nights with powercuts and just look at moon and stars and mummy would tell us stories of pari and raja and rakhsas(demons) and a wicked old woman.

And there was a iron grill railing in front of that porch.
And me and all my sisters would climb on that railing to wave bye to papa and chacha when they left for work

And my youngest sister, the kind of experimenter she is, once tried to get her head between those railings.
And she did manage to get her head stuck there, the only problem was, she was not able to take it out.
So while I went to call mumma, my other sister scared the hell out of her saying that now her head has to be cut to get it out of that railing.
And then there was an open terrace just in front of that "chajja"
Papa used to put "bajra" and some water in a dish for the birds every morning there
None of us were allowed to get on that terrace because it was open from all sides
But occassionally, when something would fall on that terrace(after rain/wind), me being the eldest, had the privilege of climbing over the railing and getting down on the terrace (with my mom reminding me everyother minute ""chhat ke kone par pair bhi mat rakhna ("Don't even step near theend of the terrace")
And with my sisters giving me that jealous looks and fighting over whose turn would it be next time to get down on the terrace.

We lived in Ranchi only till I was like 10 or 11, but for some reason, I have very clear memories of that house and specially this place.
I am there often in my dreams too.
Do you have any such special memory to share?


Anonymous said...

hi, welcome back after a long time. I was looking forward for your blog every single day... I hope all is well with you

Dil se said...

@Anonymous: Thanks so much for your concern. And yes all is well with me. A name/identity would have definitely helped me more in responding to your concern.

vimmuuu said...

I love reading posts like these. Transports me to my own memories !!! :D :D :D Theres this tag; why dont you do that ? Wait, lemme dig it out for you !

vimmuuu said...

Here you go. you are supposed to write 10 sweetest memories ! I could finish mine in only 2 parts. I donno if you have done this, a pretty old tag ! :D

Samvedna said...

nice memories..and of that head stuck,I think it happened in all families with children:).BTW I also lived in Ranchi from 75 to 78 and it is one of my favourite cities in India.specially Firayalal and Femina:)

Kanupriya said...

Ohhhh you made me nostalgic now, u know your post reminded me of my aangan and so many similar memories associated with that place :).
BTW even I have stayed in Ranchi for few years and absolutely love that place :)

Dil se said...

@Vimmu:Thanks. Yeah, these memories are treasures from old times !!
And I'd definitely love to do the tag, watch out for it :-)

@Samvedna: Wow, you also lived in ranchi. And Firayalal was one of my favorite places there. And the softy there, was just yummy :-)

@Kanu: Thanks !! Some places have that effect, I guess. Memories of this have always been with me. Hey, glad to know that we lived int he same city at one point. I always thought Ranchi was a pretty small place and noone would know about it. But it turns out, it is not. I have met so many bloggers from that place now :-)

Rajesh Kumar said...

Ranchi post is very interesting. I spent the best part of my school days near Upper Bazar flying kites over the Ranchi lake. Great time!