Thursday, September 30, 2010

This and That

Life has been crazily busy, with lots of things going on
And with husband's frequent travels, I have been trying to manage it all, trying to make sure everything is in order, and in time, and I am still calm

But with a hectic job and a 4 year old, you know how it goes

Order gets replaced by chaos, being in time becomes an unaffordable luxury and me being calm under all this still remains a target to achieve.

Anyways, between all this, today I decided to take some time and volunteer at Aayush's school.We recently moved him to a Montessori school. And ever since, I have been all praises for his new school. I mean, the environment, the atmosphere, the teachers, their love and ways of guiding the kids, everything is just different and yet it all provides such an enriching and inspiring environment for the kids.
Aayush has been going there for only a month now and I can already see so much change in his ways - the way he interacts with us and other kids, the way he does activities at home.

So, every Thursday, the school teachers ask volunteers from parents to help them get craft and learning stuff ready for kids. It is all trivial stuff, but it helps the teachers a lot.

So I was there for the first time today. And I had about 2 hours to spare before I had to head back to my work for a mandatory training.
Here what all I did:

a) Traced an apple figure on cut paper cards. After tracing an apple for like 100 times, I am sure I can draw an apple with closed eyes now :-)
Later, they would ask the kids to cut along the shape.
b) Cut out 50 premeasured sheets for the kids to paint (and create mess) on the art easel.
c) Since their next week theme is  Apples and pumpkins, so I traced a lot of pumpkins on card stock paper and drew spooky faces and eyes on them.

It was a great fun and relaxing time for me. I got to interact with other moms too, one of whom turned out to the mom of Aayush's new best friend. and the conversation went like :Oh you are Quinn's Mom? Aayush talks about him everyday !!"
And then she goes "and you are Aayush's mom? Quinn wants to go with Aayush everyday"

All in all, it was great fun time. I think I am going to come back again pretty soon.

And did you read the much awaited Ayodhya verdict? I didn't read the full details, just the main points of the decision.

Hey, that's exactly the way my mom used to resolve the fight when me and my sisters used to fight over a single five star bar... just cut it into 3 pieces and give one to each one of us and all 3 were happy.
I wish this issue remains this simple

So, how have you all been? What do you all think about the verdict?


Samvedna said...

The verdict is very good, I just hope that all parties accept iot and dont go for any apeal or strife...we must think of progress, education and other things instead of fighting unnecessarily.

Shilpa Garg said...

Cool!! I know, a good school makes so much of a difference in a child. Glad that you had a great time!!
It's peace after the verdict and may it stay like that always! :)

The Solitary Writer said...

:) reminds me of my momma... :) with dads frequent travel,mom used to be too busy with me and my sister....took the burden of teaching us and managing household chores...good to knw u had nice time ... :)

pallavi said...

I really admire montessori method of teaching too, but I'm worried whenever we relocate back to India, how my 4-year old is going to cope with the education system there!! hey, our kids are the same age :-)
Btw, Parul, thank u so much, for your vote at Indiblogger!

Dil se said...

@Samvedna: Very true !! And I am glad the ppl of our country have shown so much maturity and understanding this time.
@Shilpa: Yeah and I am now looking forward to go there again some time.

Dil se said...

@Solitary Writer: Welcome to the blog. Same here, my routine reminds me of my mom too :-)
And it makes all the more difficult when both parents are working.

Dil se said...

@Pallavi: Yeah I worried about that too but for now, I wanted to get him a good start.
your son is also the same age, yaay !! Aren't they so fun as well as moody at this age?
As for the vote, you are most welcome. Your story deserved that vote :-)

rauf said...

it is sad that courts are giving verdicts on the strength of myths. A majority of Muslims want peace in the country. As a Muslim i feel that we should give up the claim and give back the court awarded land to the temple. One mosque less doesn't make any difference. People involved in this fight have nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam.