Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some days are just good

Some days are just plain good, isn't it? When small things just add up to make it big for you? Yeah, it was just like that kind of day yesterday. And I am writing this all here so I can come back and read it on one of those days when it gets really really tough. Just to remind myself, it is not always so bad...

a) I am a morning person and like to get to work early and leave early. But since I am the one to drop my son to his daycare, my day at work typically starts a bit late. Yesterday, fortunately, Aayush's teachers at school, I guess, decided to take a break from kids(The school had Teacher's in-service day), so he was off from school and his dad decided to be a stay-at-home-dad for the day. So I was off to work quite early. And secured the very front parking spot and grabbed a hot breakfast from the cafeteria there.
Hmmm. total bliss.........

b) Then, at lunch time, dad and son gave a surprise visit at my work. And as per Aayush, just like I drop him at school, Mommy also goes to school. So he wanted to check everything at my "school"; what center I was working on (they have different centres in their class: writing center, computer center, building blocks center, draw and color center), who is Mommy's teacher and who is Mommy's best friend. So he took a tour of my entire workplace, greeted everyone with one big smile when everyone asked if he was a new trainee on job.
And then seriously instructed me to be good and take a nap after lunch !! Yes, that would be good :-)

c) Then, got home early and found dad and son playing the front yard with sprinkler and water. What else could anyone want on a hot summer Friday evening !! So we all played and soaked  for a while in the water. And then we were soon joined by Aayush friends from the neighborhood. They all had a blast and thankfully, my lawn also got watered in the process.

d) And then, at the end of the day, after dinner, we headed out for some icecream. While on our way, Aayush kept wondering why is the moon also coming along with us? Wondered if Moon also wanted a icecream cone and finally announced Moon will have to get his own cone because he is in no mood to share his icecream.
So, we topped off out day with a hot fudge icecream sundae.

All in all, little things made up the day for me. And you know, what final conclusion my dear husband reached at after all this:"See all your days can be like this if you decide to be a stay at office mom and me a stay at home dad"

Hmmmm.... Nice thought Mr hubby. Give me some more days like this and I may consider the offer after we discuss the complete terms and conditions  :-)


Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! That was a wonderful day truly!! May all your days are happy and lucky! Amen! :)
Stay at home dad... hmmm sounds interesting...but terms and conditions need to be laid out thoroughly! ;)
Cheers :)

Samvedna said...

wonderful day and your husband sounds quite a liberated man:)

Dil se said...

@Shilpa: Yeah, I definitely need to consider the terms and conditions very carefully :-)
@Samvedna: Yeah, he is. Actually,more out of the love for the time he gets to spend with our son.

pallavi said...

Awwwwwww........that was so sweet!! Enough to make anybody smile :-)