Friday, July 9, 2010


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I so wish that I could go back in time and live that one evening all over again...

That evening, how can I forget it.
You promised to take me to the movie, ours together for the first time.
I was all dressed up and ready, waiting for you
Eyes fixed so anxiously on the gate, just waiting for you
Trying to hide the gleam of my eyes
flickering of my heart
yet I know I failed on that so badly

It was evident by that mischievous smile of my best friend
who waited by my side, sitting on the porch.
And then the gate opened
and it was you, feet wanted to jump and run,
Just could not dare to do so
Hesitation chained my feet

And then you came and sat just next to me
so close, I could smell your cologne
So close, I could feel your smile
So close, I just couldn't believe it was real
and yet, it was so real and so happening

Years later, how I so badly wish to turn the time back
and relive just that one evening of my life
feel you so close to me just once again
live my entire life in that one moment again
all over again...
just for once...

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Surbhi Jain said...

Beautiful poem... Such simple words and they portrayed it so well!

All the best for BAT!

geeta said...

beautifully expressed.....

All the best for BAT!!

Vibhuti B said...

Awwww this is such a romantic wish. Such simplicity and naivety..Rare!! Keep it up..:D
keep blogging straight dil se..:))

Dil se said...

@Surbhi, Geeta, Vibhuti: Welcome to the blog and thanks so much for the kind words. This is my first try on BAT.

Someone Is Special said...


I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

Saravana Kumar - Wish

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Mahesh Kalaal said...

sensibly expressed ...

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Parul, welcome to BLog-a-Ton :)
A nice piece of poetry capturing a yearning, a wish, beautifully..
keep participating :)

Tuppence said...

Straight from the heart . simple yet sweet and touching

Swathi Pradeep said...

Nice write up! ATB for BAT 12!!

Dil se said...

@Sarvana, @Mahesh:Thanks for the appreciation.

Dil se said...

@Vipul: Thanks. This is my first time participating and i have enjoyed reading so many different views on one term. Will keep coming back. Thanks for the appreciation.

Dil se said...

@Tuppence, @SwathiPradeep: Welcome to the blog. And thanks for the kind words.

magiceye said...

this is so tender and beautiful....

best wishes for BAT12!

gkam said...


Good Wishes for BAT12!

Gkam - Wish

Shilpa Garg said...

That's such a sweet and lovely wish and beautifully expressed!
All the best for BAT-12.
Cheers :)

Dil se said...

@magiceye: Welcome to the blog. Thanks for the wishes.
@gkam: Glad to see you here. Thanks for the wishes and all the best to you too.
@ Shilpa Garg: Thanks Shilpa. Your blog is the one which got me started on this BAT experience. And it has been such a great experience interacting with so many bloggers and reading their entries.