Saturday, July 10, 2010

Winners of Super Fun for Super F-UN-Scrambler Golden Rolling Trophy

So, finally it is time to reveal the answers and declare the winners.
So, first the results:

The challenge was to find the missing vowel and then unscramble the following words:


Actually, they are all supposed to be belong to one particular family of words. But since I didn't highlight this fact very clearly in the original post, so I am considering other answers too.

So, the answers are:

And the winners are Swaram, Shilpa and Pratima (Yeah, she is not a blogger, but a regular visitor of my blog and sent me her answer on Yahoo !!)

Congratulations winners !!
And as promised, your award is the shinning trophy, which you get to keep (and try to pass it on too !!)

Now, the challenge for all you winners, as Pallavi puts it, “Proud recipients of the F-Un-Scrambler Golden rolling Trophy are HEREBY TAGGED to put up a similar post with scrambled/jumbled words!! No rules/conditions apply. It just has to be jumbled words or jumbled letters or both, the way you like it!!

Do remember to link back to this original post though, so we maintain continuity. AND please also come back to let me know when you’ve posted your challenge (that way I will get a chance to participate too!)

And yes, do pass on this beautiful rolling trophy to your winners too!”

Good luck and have fun with the contest !!


Shilpa Garg said...

WOW! A wonderful beginning of the day!! A third Super F-UN Scrambler Golden rolling Trophy for me!! Yayyyyy!! :))))))
Thanks!! :)
Cheers :)

Dil se said...

@Shilpa: Yes, it's back to you again !!Enjoy.

Swaram said...

Woww thank u :) :)