Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy B'day, dear !!

If you want to make me cry at any time of the day, just take one name and I'll be all watery eyed!!
And as I am writing these lines, I am still trying to control my emotions
Yes, he is so special for me
He is a part of me, myself
so much so, that anything that hurts him, hurts me tens or hundreds times more !!
For me, he's still that little brother who, as a kid,  wanted to sleep holding my hands at night so that he won't get scared.

I still have a very clear memory of  those early days when you were so little.
Me, as a big sister wanted to take care of you all by myself
Whenever it was time for your sleep, I would put both my hands your eyes so that you could feel dark and fall asleep
Nanaji sent a stroller for you from Delhi. A stroller at that time was kind of unheard-unseen things in a place like Ranchi. So, in the evenings, all 3 of us (me including my other sisters) would put you in the stroller and take you for a walk. Now that's a different story that we 3 would start fighting in the middle of the road as to whose turn it was to walk the stroller now, leaving you in that stroller on the road itself. I know bhai, you still thank your stars that you survived despite having such careless sisters.

As you grew up, you were so fond of dressing up. You saw one of our relatives wearing a safari suit (with a cut in the shirt on the back) . And after deciding that you wanted a shirt exactly like that cut, you took the matters in your hand, took out scissors from mom's sewing machine kit and cut 4 of your shirts that way. Yeah, yeah, you were that "smart"

Papa and me were the ones who always took your sides and mom was the one who wanted to discipline you. And you knew that, so you showed all your tantrums while Papa was home and turned into a "jalebi ki tarah seedha" as soon as he left for work.

 Me and you were always one team, with R and S (my other 2 sisters) on the opposite team. In their terms, we were the "drama" team and according to us, they were the "joker" team !!
There used to be a serial on Doordarshan those days(I am blanking out on its name, pretty sure it was not Imtehann!!)  featuring Renuka Shahane and Ninad Kamat and Ninad plays the brother of Renuka. And because the brother is so attached to the sister, their dad says that after Renuka's marriage, her in-laws will get one additional dowry item - her brother.
And, so after seeing that scene, Mumma used to say the same thing for us too !!
"We already have one piece of item ready for you to take to your in-laws house, when you get married"
And it never happened. I went away first to a different house and then to all together different world !!

And it's your B'day today bhai and I am not sure what I want to give you today, probably these....
1) Don't always rely on your eyes and expressions to communicate what's in your heart. Because not everyone knows this language. Use your words also.
2) At the same time, learn when to use just words and not let your eyes and expressions do the work at all. This is also needed in life.
3) Love yourself. You are your own best friend.
4) Learn from your past experiences. Remember the lesson and forget everything else about bitter experiences.
5) We all need some body to lean on. So, when you are in stress, puzzled, or just confused, do reach out to the people who you know love you and you can trust.
6) Your relationships and your career are your biggest assets. Don't give up or compromise on either one of them for the other.
7) And last but not the least, don't ever take my calls when you are on the bike. Ignore them and I'll know :-)

And here's one song for you:
Love you and miss you a lot.

PS: Can't believe this is my 3rd post of the day. But then each one of them had a kind of deadline for today :-)


Shilpa Garg said...

A very happy birthday to you bro!!
A very touching post!! Can feel the love and affection and care and concern you share with your brother through the words.
Wishing you wonderful times together.
Cheers :)

Smita said...

Awwww!!! This is such a sweet post!!! Many MAny Happy Returns of the day to your bro :)

Was that serial by any chance called "Koraa Kagaz"???

Dil se said...

@Shilpa: thanks !! Yeah, brothers are sp special in so many ways, and I miss him a lot.
@smitha: Thank you. Now that you mention, I think that serial was Kora Kaagaz. Was Sachin Khandekar a poet in that?

Amity said... sweet a post is this?

i admire the bond you have with your brother...:-) keep it always the same...

have a great week ahead and all the best for BAT 12!

Swaram said...

Oh this is such a sweet sweet post :)
Loved all those gifts of urs :) Beautifully written :)

Here's wishing ur brother a very happy birthday :) Cheers!

Gauri Gharpure said...

tht was sweet! :)

Chatterbox said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your brother :)
Loved this beautiful post brimming with love,affection and loads of beautiful memories to cherish :)
Wishing you both loads of love and laughter in the times to come :D

P.S.- Yes I am officially back from vacations :)

Viyoma said...

Very nice..touchy one indeed!!

Dil se said...

@Amity: Thanks Amity !! Welcome to the blog.
Yes, my brother is one special person in my life.
All the best to you too for BAT.

@Swaram: Thanks Swaram, from my brother too, fo the wishes !!
@Gauri: Thanks !! Been here after such a long time. How have you been ?

Dil se said...

@Chatterbox: Welcome back, you were being really missed !!
Thank you for the wishes.
@Viyoma: Welcome to the blog Viyoma. Thanks for dropping by.

Sara said...

What a beautiful almost made me cry!!