Friday, July 23, 2010


What do you do when you want something so bad yet you just can't achieve it?
Time and again, you give it your best try, and still the other factors playing other than your own efforts, pull it down every time, time and again...
How do you convince yourself that you just cannot have it?
Do you give up or keep trying? how long do you keep trying before getting tired and hopeless?
How do you not let it affect other things happening in your life?
Other people who are part of your life?

Me struggling with these questions these days...
Do you have any answers?


Shilpa Garg said...

I know it happens once in a while. We all face these kind of questions.
I remember, we were a part of a training and a similar question was raised about how long should one keep trying.
The trainer had answered, theoretically, one should keep trying till the goal is achieved but practically, when you keep trying with no results (even after trying earnestly), after a while you realize that it is not going to work, so you quit that thing and look for new options.

It's not easy but then nothing is impossible too!
Wishing you the very best and may you get the answers.
Cheers :)

Dil se said...

Thanks Shilpa !! But I have reached at a point where I am out of options too !! It's just the part about convincing myself to drop it and move on is the most difficult part. Thanks again for your wishes. It definitely helped.

Sayesha said...

Hmm... I'd say give it your best and let fate handle the rest. :)

Kanupriya said...

This happens with all of us, sometimes despite giving our best shot we can't get it...maybe its not the right time to get that thing or its just not there in one's fate or maybe something better is awaiting me from my own experience I can say that giving gyaan is easier whereas only that person can tell how it feels to not get something for which you've been trying earnestly with all your sincere efforts. But then no point in fretting over it, just leave it...if it has to come to you, you will get it sooner or later.

Swaram said...

I will do whatz in my hands and not worry much about what I can't. Hugs to u.

Smita said...

Hmmm I just stop thinking about it and wait for it to happen! And luckily it happens :)

So stop making it the end all and be all of ur life :)

Dil se said...

@ Sayesha: "Fate"-Yeah, that is the part I am tired of now and can't seem to find way out of it.

@ Kanupriya: Thanks for the encouraging words. You got it right, "maybe its not the right time to get that thing" that's what I have started to realise in my heart now !!

@ Swaram: Thanks Swaram.

@ Smita: Thanks Smita. See, that's why it has affected me and my family so much, because I have been considering it "all" of my life. I definitely need to get out of it.