Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ms Witch

Why do people have to be so,so rude!! And so much so, that it spoils some one's day !!
And that too, the rude person I am referring to , is in a official government position representing my country.

Here's the story and see for yourself..
My indian passport is set to expire in June of this year, so I was preparing the documents for the renewal of passport. I went to the Indian embassy website, clicked on a few links and found that the application has to be filled online and submitted. Once I fileld up the application online, at the end, it gave me an option for setting up an appointment date and time to submit the application in person at the embassy.
Confused by this "appointment" thing, I decided to give their customer service a call.

After 5 rings, Ms Witch(yeah, that's how I am going to refer her in this narration) picks up the number and tells me in her YAWNING voice "Indian consulate passportr services"

I explain the situation to her and ask her whether I can submit the application by mail as well.

And the response I get, "didn't you read the website? It is all there !! and specially in bold font and red color for people like you, who do not read the website"

I still keep my cool and tell her "Madam, I understand that, but when I printed my application, it said that my appointment has been set up for this week itself and this being such an important document, I got all confused"

And to this her response was "It is all there on the website. Let me walk you you through. Open up your computer now"
"I am not in front of my computer right now" was my response.
To which she obliged me saying: "then call me when you are in front of your computer"
By now, she was totally on my nerves. so I just asked her this
"Why do you have to be so rude for all this? I agree this information may be on the website and I may not have looked carefully. But you could have ..."
"Hang on a minute" Came the reply, patak se

Next thing I know, she puts me on hold and in the background, I can listen her, laughing and talking to her some other colleague, saying "some one's trying to lecture me. Now let her be on hold for another hour and she'll know better !!"
I was appalled, disgusted, humiliated and flared up, all at the same time.

So, Ms Witch, here's my revenge for you...
Jaa, main tujhe shraap deti hoon
- Your cell phone bill has some major error this month and when you call the customer service to get it corrected, you encounter a person who is double rude and obnoxious that you.

- Next time, when you go to a resturant for a nice dinner, the server spills up hot soup on your dress, then serves you nastiest food available and you find a dead fly in your half eaten soup
- Next time, you go to a store, you acccidently miss paying for a lipstick/perfume and just when you are leaving the store, their buzzer goes off and the store manager humiliates you in front of everyone byasking you to pay for the things.
And the worst is here
- Tonight, when your teen son/daughter asks you to help them on their science home work with some research, and you cannot find the information you are looking for, they say, "Mom, you are so DUMB"
And now, a prayer to uparwale !!

Uparwale jee, You saw/listened everything, so be a fair judge and make sure my shraap doesn't go wasted.

And me, still in a bad mood !!

Edited To add: I did some searches on Indian Embassy in Washington DC  and looks like I am not the only one. See the following link to read similar stories from other people:


MindfulMeanderer said...

LOL!! I don't want to be in ur bad books. EVER!!! LOL.
Some ppl are just creeps. Can't u complain??

Swaram said...

If u got to know her name, u shud complain. Hw cud she ever talk like that .. what r customer services for. I do agree there might be ppl who irritate them and shout @ them, but they can't do this with anybody and everybody!

I second Shruti .. I wud never like to be in ur bad books :P :P

shilpa said...

I have heard stories of indian receptionists at attorney offices, emabassies, restarants being rude like this lady you mention!

Dil se said...

@MM: I know, when I wrote this, I was fuming like anything. Once I am done with my passport work, I do want to write a letter to them at least expressing my unhappiness.

@Swaram: Yeah, her name, I missed that!! But I can call her again and am sure I can recognize her voice.
And don't worry, my blog buddies won't be in my bad books. It's just sicko liek ppl these that do such stuff that just makes me mad :-)
@Shilpa: Yes, that's what surprises me most is my most horrible experience with customer service has been at Indian resturants, Indian airlines offices, Indian embassy!! (sigh..)

Shilpa Garg said...

LOL!! Liked your Shraaps!! :D

Don't worry, your shraaps will not go wasted, kyunki, Uske yahan der hai par andher nahin!! :)

Hope you are out of the bad mood now!
Cheer up! You encounter all types everywhere!! :)

Reflections said...

ohmy she really got ur goat;-D

But seriously u shd call up and complain abt her.....;-/

MindfulMeanderer said...

:) Nice to see u back at my blog. I have mailed ur atsy-craftsy jan package last week. sorry for the aweful delay. Do let me know when u get it.

Samvedna said...

really..I just wishes that all your curses come true.infact Ms. witch deserves worse than this. People like her are a real blot on our country.

Rajlakshmi said...

Omg so what the heck she's doing as a customer support... she desreves all those shraap of yours... and if possible complain abt her...

pRasad said...

2-3 shraps hum logon ki taraf si bhi de dena.. :)

She fully deserves it re.. Btw, liked your shraps :))