Friday, May 28, 2010

Jumbled up

So, I am back, after a long time on my blog.
And it's not that I haven't been thinking about writing
I actually am at a point where I have a potpourri of ideas and thoughts going on in my mind
I pick up one thing to write about and then another thought plays a peek a boo to capture my attention
and this goes on and on
In fact, the following picture goes very close to picture my state of mind

Pic: Linked from

Now, when I started writing this, I needed a picture to display my state of mind. So off I went to Google.
And then, again I was lost and confused, so many options, so many images.
Which one should I use, which one actually does my mind relate to?
and back to square one ...

Speaking of Internet, with so many media to connect and share and interact, I am still amazed at some of the "not-so-courtseous" behaviors displayed on this media. Don't believe, see for yourself:

a) Mr "I am getting married" from my University decides to tell everyone on the group email that finally he found someone lucky to marry. Fair enough.
But then at least 10 "I am happy for you" folks hit "Reply All" on their inboxes and sent him a message. People, see carefully. There is "Reply"button just next to it and you are supposed to hit that. No one else is interested in knowing how/why you congratulate him for his marriage.

b) Mr "I love to spell words wrong", just so that you know, there is a spell check in almost every email editor these days and it is FREE. so please use it, at least for the official emails. Imagine the receivers' impression when they see you spelling "mentioned" as "mensioned" and "completion" as "complesion"

c) Hey Mr "I want to talk to all on FB", in an effort to just get into every conversation, please do not jump into conversations I am having with people on my wall you don't even know.

Phew !! Yup, these are some of the real life incidents I have faced in just recent past. And I am sure there are many more out there.

Other than that,at my house, we are geared up for summer activities with Aayush. Yes, he is all excited about the water parks and slides and the orange, lime and red popsicles and water melon and bike riding and what not !! He even complains that Sun is a "bad" boy not going to his home for sleep when it is his bed time (sometimes, there is still light when it's his bed time)

Catch you all again soon


Chatterbox said...

I'd like start with a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful encouraging note you left on my blog.

Having countless ideas cloud our mind each time we sit to write probably happens to each one us, so count me in in your club :D :D

Loved your three targets, for those three mistakes are really common each time you open your e-mail or FB account :)

Keep writing for I'll be back to read more soon :)


Renu said...

Having too many ideas at a time..happens with me too..and then sometimes I dont know what to write:)

Some people just dont know the meaning of privacy:)

And like Aush I also love popsicles:)

Swaram said...

Sun is nt gng home here too Aayush .. we will ask him to mend his ways soon ok :P
Njoy the summer activities :)

Dil se said...

@CB: Welcome to the blog. You really deserve all the appreciation and good words for your writing.
@Renu:Yeah, I guess that's how human mind works, always multitasking :-)
@Swaram: Will definitely pass on your message to Aayush. Don't complain me later if he then starts nagging you on whether you did talk to sun or not :-)

Anonymous said...

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