Friday, April 2, 2010


I missed you Papa yesterday when I made your favorite dal for dinner, and missed you Mom when it somehow tasted exactly like how you used to make it when we all came back from school/college/work in the afternoons and you had the entire lunch table ready for us.

And I mised you Ritu, my sis on your B'day today.
May you have everything and anything you wish for!!

On the lighter note: My brother crafted this to tease her:
Whole world gets fooled on April 1, the April Fool's day. And my mom dad got fooled on April 2 when she came to them :-)

Oh, and he is good at creating such teasers for his sisters

Once, my mom was trying to find the birth certificate for my youngest sis she needed for some of her degree program. And my mom somehow just couldn't find it. And that just gave him this idea. He goes to S, my youngest sis and says this (Imagine this with saadest look on his face and an equally sad tone):

"I think I'll have to finally reveal it to you since Mom just can't break this to you. You see, you are not her real daughter, she found you lying somewhere and so she just adopted you. All these years, she just didn't want to make you sad, so she showed you some fake papers while you could not read. Now that you have somehow learned to read, she is acting as if she cannot find it, but actrually there is none"

And sitting there, we all were in splits of laughter, while S was running after my brother to get hold of him and tell him how much real and adopted she was. He still teases her on this till day.

Gosh, those were such good old days !!
I so miss them.

And now that I wrote it,I realise that I do rewind to my past a lot.
Whether it is good or not, but that is true. My family, my brother and my sisters are my lifeline.


Anonymous said...

That was really funny! Your brother seems to be the naughtiest of all of you :)

Sorcerer said...

nice and entertaining post.

Swaram said...

LOL .. its so nice to hv someone who tickles the funny bone pretty often @ home :P

Dil se said...

@IHM: thanks. Yeah, he is the youngest and hence the naughtiest :-)
@Sorcerer: Thanks and welcome to my blog.
@Swaram: Very true. One such "item" (as I call him) in the family keeps everyone entertained :-)

Reflections said...

That was so darn funny;-D