Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend activities

Watched Tum Milo to sahi(TMTS) over the weekend and really liked it.
Loved it for the performance of Dimple and Nana
Saw Suniel Shetty after a really long time and he rocks in his role.
Some of the scenes I really liked:
- Nana's entry scene when Mohnish Behl kind of forces him to retire and replaces him with a computer
- When he comes back to Dimple to apologise for his behavior
- And specially when he encounters an eunuch on the road

I think the film clearly showed how the meaning of love changes at different stages of life, in terms of age and situations.
One of the quotes I really loved from the movie:

"Aisa kaam kabhi karna hi nahin chahiye jiske loye sorry bolna pade"
I understand it is just impossible for us humans to not to make mistakes but believing in the above, just makes us more cautious in what we do and what we speak.

Besides, TMTS, I did get a lot accomplished over the weekend:
Cleaned up my lawn, planted some new tulips, did some clothes and shoes shopping for my son,rearranged my kitchen closets!!
He did wear one of the new jacket vest and sandals I got for him today to school and after he got dressed, his reaction on himself was: "I am feeling smart today :-)"
Awww.. I had to put a kala teeka on him (the modern version... a dot behind the ear with the Kajal pencil:-)

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Sara said...

Thanks for suggesting a good movie...these days I'm seriously looking for good hindi moview and not finding any :(