Friday, March 19, 2010

A close encounter

So Mr Moti/Tiger/Rocket(or whatever your owner used to call you) and your dear friend

This same day of last week is still crisp clear in my mind. It was a beautiful Friday outside and a casual Friday at work. I was all elated thinking "TGIF" and about being 20 mins early to work.

And then as I took a turn on the side walk of the parking lot, I saw you and your friend, walking out of nowhere. In my head, that little voice was telling me "Don't you dare to run. Just be calm and pass through them. Nothing will happen"

But then, all of the sudden, just like that, both of you started running towards me and this time my little voice shouted at me "Just run the hell out of here, as fast as you can"

And I did, shouting my lungs out "Help me"
But where could I run? The door to the office was on the opposite side and moreover, how could a 2 legged creature like me outrun 2 4-legged creatures?
So. finally you caught up with me. I tried to use my bag as my only defence against you but in vain. Trying to fight with whatever force I had, I stumbled and hit my head on the ground. And I knew this was bad, because now you two had the edge over me.

But I guess, finally some one did hear me yelling and fighting, so 2 other people came running and tried to grab you 2 off. But it looked like both of you were pretty determined not to let me go. at this point, another female arrived in her SUV, honking loudly, to distract you and get you off.

Finally security arrived and took the situation in control and locked you both up in the car.
And all terrified me, was too shaken up to react. Moreover, the bump in the head from hitting the concrete ground had now started to hurt.

Wow, what a Friday start I had !!
Animal control and EMT where immediately on the scene.

The EMT guy (now that I remember, he was pretty good looking :-)  kept asking me "what date is it today? What month? How many fingers can I see?" It was only later that I realised that he was trying to determine if I had any internal injury.

On the other end, some one got some food for you 2 and it was evident that both of you had been out for several days and had not eaten for days. The animal control car took away both of you from the location.

Besides, the ever hurting bump in my head, I did feel sorry for you two. And I just wanted to let you know that I didn't mean to get you in trouble in any ways. It was just a momentary reaction from a "never-had-a-dog-as-a-pet" person.

I am not sure what I could have done differently to ensure this didn't happen to you.

A dog fearing person

PS: In case, you are wondering who this is addressed to, they were 2 dogs who wandered into the parking lot of my work location

PPS: I later tried to found out to whom those dogs belonged to and what is going to happen to them. I found that the owner had probably abandoned them (the female dogs just had babies) and had not come to claim them.
The animal shelter was going to wait to 10 days for either the owner to claim them or some one to adopt them, after which their policy is to put them down, since they have an incident of attacking a human being.
I have put a request to them that I do not want this to be considered as a "attack"(they never bit me or scratched me). I have also been spreading word at my work and in my neighbourhood to see if someone is willing to adopt these dogs.

PPPS: I do not in any way intend to hurt the feeling of animal/dog lovers through this post. I am just narrating this incident as it really happend with me week and my thoughts about it as I reflected on it later.


MindfulMeanderer said...

ohh dear .. i hope u are ok by now. hows the bump? scary!

Samvedna said...

I can imagin the terror you must have felt, because I am also very afraid of dogs and once this happened to me here..

Its good that they didnt bit you,otherwise dogs sometime become a real in chennai one young boy died when he fell of the stairs while running away from them.

Dil se said...

@MM: Thanks for checking. Yeah, I am okay now.The whole experience was more scary than the bump itself.

Dil se said...

@Samvedna: Yeas, you right. I just don't feel comfortable and "not feared" around dogs.

Sara said...

OMG, that was some experience!!I am also dead scared of dogs...same story,never had a pet dog!