Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's day to all the women out there. And specially to the most important woman in my life... yes Mom you. This post is for you and for the most important lessons of life you gave me and all of us.

You so effortlessly taught us the lesson of change, specially as we saw you transform from a pampered daughter and sister to the eldest daughter in law in papa's family and adjusted to the family so beautifully.

You taught us the lesson of patience as all four of us tested your patience days after days doing the same mistakes and you corrected us with the same calm tone each time.

You taught us the lesson of financial freedom by making us realise that our education was not a way to attain degrees but a path to financial freedom.

You showed us the valuable lesson of judgement by not hesitating to point out our mistakes whenever we made one and showing us the right way to correct those.

You satisfaction and contentment in situations even when life was not so full of riches gave us the lesson of contentment

Your strength to always speak the truth, even if it was not always the sweetest thing everyone wanted to hear, gave us the lesson of truth

Your confidence and level of comfort in whatever we did and your trust in us more than we ourselves had is us taught us the lesson of friendship with daughters

Our yearning to have a single hug or embrace from you even in the time of serious illness made us realise the lesson of love we got from you.

And mom, finally, the way you stood up for yourself and the pride you took in your daughters gave us the biggest lesson, the lesson of being a woman.

Happy Woman's Day Mom !!
And happy Woman's day to all the women out there !!


MindfulMeanderer said...

lovely post! :) happy women's day to u too.

Samvedna said...

lovely post! Mothers are really so precious...no two ways about that.

Reflections said...

This was a lovely tribute to ur mother:-)). When we stay far away and think back there is so much we see clearly.
Belated I know but nevertheless, Happy Woman's Day to U too!!!!

Dil se said...

@MM, @Samvedna, @Reflections: Thank you for the kind words.