Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finger painting craft ideas

Now that Aayush is growing up, I need a variety of activities to keep him busy all the times. And one of his favorite activities is paint colors, and that too getting them messy, on his hands, clothes, carpet everywhere !!
When he is in such a mood for mess, some finger painting ideas come in handy.
Here are some of the drawings I have tried with him. One of them was the one they did at his school and we recreated it at home also over a weekend.

1) Finger painted giraffe

a) Print a single yellow handprint. The palm forms the body, the fingers the legs and the thumb forms the tail.

b) Then using the side of the hand, print the neck and add a fingerprint for the head.
c) When the yellow paint is dried, use brown fingerprints to make the giraffe’s spots.

2) Caterpillar and the flowers:

a) Create the caterpillar using thumbprint with alternating colors
b) For the flower, use 4 thumbprints for the petals and 2 for leaves.
c) For the butterfly, use 4 prints of the same color
d) Similarly, created sun using the index finger prints in circle.
e) Once all the colors are dried, Finish the butterfly, caterpillar and the flowers using a black marker.

So, go ahead and give these crafts a try with your little ones and see how much they enjoy it.

And, this is my submission to Artsy craftsy challenge by Mindful Meanderings too.

Catch you all later
Dil se


MindfulMeanderer said...

Wonderful!! :)
I'll link them soon.

hitch writer said...

wonderful... my lil one makes a peacock with the hand... thats a wonderful variation !!!!! must to try... !!

Dil se said...

@MM: Thanks.
@hitchwriter: Yeah, the giraffe is my son's favorite. And hey, why don't you post your peacock also then for the MM's contest?

The Print Lover said...

The giraffe idea is wonderful. He has a cute expression too!

Swati said...

lovely !

Dil se said...

@PaintLover, @Swati: Welcome to my blog. Thanks. I am glad you liked them.

Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

We love this craft activity for children. Will be sharing it on our site.

all the best,
Sherry & Wendy @ Kiboomu

Dil se said...

@sherry and Wendy: Sure, you can do that, but please add a link back to the page here.