Thursday, October 1, 2009

What do you say?

"Did you back up everything?"
"Did you confirm with the user about the final changes?"
"Please make sure to document all the process changes."

These were some of the comments/instructions I was giving to one of my project team member this morning before we were getting ready to roll out a major process change.

A few minutes later, he made a comment "I read in one of the Forbes magazine, that most of the financial institutions where women were the lead executives, they survived. And the sole reason was that women are always very cautious,planning ahead for anything and everything !!"

I took it as a compliment for myself :-) and every women, working or not !!
I have worked with female executives in at least 2 of my jobs before and I was impressed by their risk management and planning skills.
And I have seen my mom planning and saving so meticulously for any situation we ever had in life.

What do you all think (I can see all men staring at me and thinking "What? That is so not true !!") But what does your experience say?

Is it a hyped school of thought? Or is there some real sense in this statement?

Note: I have been trying to find the Forbes article he mentioned, and haven't found it so far. Will link the article onceI find it.


hitch writer said...


"Humans mayeth not be categorised or generalised... each finger is different.."

Dil se said...

@saint hitchy: I should have known tht you would be the first to comment. And I agree to your statement, but I am just looking for a general opinion.

Meira said...

Can't say really. personally, I am not too much of a risk taker, and not too detail oriented. So I end up making few mistakes. My mom n dad are both meticulous planners :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with St Hitcy ;)

I am trying to see what happens in our family, I am more cautious than my husband is, but my sister's husband is way more cautious than she is. My dad was a good planner, mom too... mmm I think it depends on the individual this trait is not gender specific.

Gauri Gharpure said...

i feel that men and women both have their own pet quirks and it makes work a lot more fun and practical that way..

Solilo said...

Even though St. Hitchy has a point, I would still go with what I have seen often. At least in my cases and few other women..I have seen them more organized, cautious and careful.

It is an individual trait but if we speak of averages then more women will have this quality due to various reason and one main thing is multitasking. To succeed in that one main thing is to get organized.

Sara said...

Very true, about my mom for sure!Actually being a feminist that I am I take any good thing said about women, as a generalisation :)

Dil se said...

@Meira: Even I am a very low risk taker, but way too much detail oriented and still end up with mistakes. And I realize, no statement can be generalized on either of the sexes.

@IHM: Very true. It cannot be generalized for any gender. Just that my experience has always been "comparitively" better with women.

@Gauri: You are so right. Variety of human traits.. that's waht makes life interesting. BTW: I am waiting for your new post.

@Solilo: That's exactly what my experience has also been. I have always found women more planning oriented, planning and weighing each and every step taken and taking into consideration every possibility they may face.

@Sara: Count me in :-) in your generalization rule !!