Monday, October 5, 2009


I am lost in the darkness of tunnels ahead
and I am waiting for a miracle ...
For a guiding light to help me out
I am waiting for the words and hands
to help me and my heart heal
Inside and outside...
And lead me out of this darkness
I am waiting for a miracle to happen
For me and For life !!

(I am totally stumped by something happening in my life, and I waiting for some miracle to happen and bring me out of it.)


hitch writer said...

Miracles happen !!

they surely do... !!

I believe in it !!

hang on... !!

Shruti said...

wishing u luck :)
n hang on!! ((((hugs))))

Reflections said...

Whatever it is....dont be in a rush to solve it...often jald baazi mein galat faisla happens.
Mull on it, two days later this same problem may not be appear so insurmountable.

Wishing u loads of courage & patience to help u thru:-))

Agnes said...

Wow Love the Einstein quote... it says it all.

Solilo said...

Whatever it is..wishing you best of luck! and of course Hugs. :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

we all want miracles and God gives them sooner or later :) all the best

Dil se said...

@hitchwriter: And sometimes they do not !! But that's life and I need to move on. Thanks for your support.

@shruti: Thank you so much and (((hugs))

@Reflections: You are so right. Thank you so much for all your wishes and courage. Your words and advice meant a lot for me.

@Agnes: Welcome to the blog. Very true, Einstein's words say it all.

@Solilo: Thanks a lot.

@Gauri: Very true, just that I wanted it a little sooner :-)
Thanks for your wishes.

@All: Thank you everyone for all your wishes and support. It made a whole lot of difference and meant huge for me.

Swaram said...

Gud luck dear n God bless :)

Hugs 2 u!

Bijoy said...
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Reflections said...


Just checking up on u:-))!!!!

Dil se said...

@Swaram: Thank you so much.
@Reflections: thanks for checking on me. I am touched. I am doing okay now and will be back soon.

Antarman said...

Miracles do happen !! so all the best!!