Friday, September 11, 2009

Musical Story

Since music is so close to my heart, I am starting this new series from today.
A lot of songs have a related story/incident with them. So every time, I listen to that song, I can't help but remember that story (and then bore my husband by narrating the same incident again, which he claims he has already listened to 10 times :-)
so here's my first entry in this series:
When I went to study from Delhi to Varanasi, the course I was enrolled in had a very small batch(30 students in each year). And then each batch had very few girls. And being such a small batch,everyone kind of knew everything about fellow students(where they are from, where they did the graduation, which course etc)
So in my batch, there were only 4 girls, including me.
As a result, as you can expect, we used to get a lot of attention and "bhav" from the boys. I was good at my subjects too, so I used to help my classmates and juniors too. But apart from all these, I also used to take all sorts of "pangas" with my friends. See, till the time I was in my hometown, specially school going, I was the most sincere and punctual one in my family (or the "Gandhiji" as my sisters used to tease me)
But as soon as I came to college, and then to VNS, I had this sense of liberation, where I wanted to try every thing that is possible under the sky.
So, for a conservation place like VNS, my activities like going out to market at 8:30 in the evening or responding to the eve teasing remarks were considered very daring.

With all the studies, fun and lots of friends, 3 years just flew like whoooosh
And then came the farewell day, when the juniors threw us a big party.
they selected a title for each of their seniors and also played a song for each one of us.
So, the song they played for me was this and till date, I love this song sooooo much.
Whenever I hear this song, I still listen to it as if it is just for me :-)
Dil se..


hitch writer said...

The song is kinda cute... aint it...

and since it has special memories attached... aah... !! lovely... !! :D :D

for us in college it was purani jeans... an anthem... but this individual song concept must be great...

Solilo said...


I agree with Hitchy! Love purani jeans.

Meira said...

Videos banned here at work...which song is it?
I somehow never liked Purani jeans...dunno. Guess it doesn't talk about the kind of fun I had. Well, its about the fun:D

Dil se said...

@hitchwriter: Yes, I like the song more because of the memories associated with it.
@Solilo: "Purani jeans" : I liked the lyrics but somehow the song overall was not on my "fav" list.
@Meira: It is "Akeli na bazaar jaya karo" from Major Saab. Same with me for "Purani Jeans" :-)

Sara said...

Cute song and come to think of it, our Bollywood has a song for everything- going to the bazaar, april fool banaya, anything you can think of :)

Sayesha said...

Goodness I LOVE this song... brought back many memories! ;)

Aparna said...

Cheers to Bollywood for providing us with all kinds of songs.
In my college, all songs of RD were very popular, though he had died by then.

Dil se said...

@Sara: You are very right. And that's why I just love Bollywood music.
@Sayesha: Great. I love sonali and loved her in this song too.
@Aparna: Welcome to my blog. Yeah RDB is one of my fav too!!