Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cuddle soft

Men will always be men. Trying to grab every opportunity to not do the work or do it in such a way that the wife can never dare to ask them again. Read it if you don't believe me.

Me: I have to do laundry in a while. Can you please pre-soak some of Aayush's clothes?
S: Can't you do it after you are done with the breakfast?
Me: (Giving him the look)
S: Okay. What a waste of Sunday. Anyways where is the laundry detergent?
Me: It is there on the shelf, in a dark blue container.

(I then wait for 10 minutes to get an acknowledgment that he did it. Otherwise, I know I have to go and remind him again.Because you never know, what BIG thing could have distracted him on his way from living room to the bath room)
(And I don't see him for 20 minutes)
and just then he comes out with a confused look on his face. And I am thinking: O boy !!

S: What kind of detergent did you buy this time? It doesn't lather up at all. What good is a detergent is it cannot lather up at all?
Me: Why what happened?
S: I kept on adding more and more, but it did now show up any lather.And what brand of detergent did you get his time? CUDDLE Soft? Do you even know if it is any good?
Me: Yeah it not good, because it is not a detergent, IT IS A FABRIC SOFTENER.
S: What? They should say it on the bottle. And you said it was the blue bottle.
Me: Yes,there is a blue bottle of detergent too. Only if you could see it carefully and read the label.
S: hmmmmmmmm... such a complicated task !! you should better do it yourself.
Me: Men, men, men, men,manly men !! (singing the "Two and a half men" tune)


Meira said...

gosh! men! seriously!!!!!

Shruti said...

LoL!! So typical!! I have a manlu male at home too.. I asked him to cut veggies one day.. n he prodly said he doesn't know how to cut!! Bah!! :) U've been tagged and awarded.. Come over...

Shruti said...

Oops so many typos!!!

hitch writer said...

look first you tell him to soak the clothes... then you say blue bottle.. he did it everything right...

and this is what he gets ??

you making a joke on him and posting... !!!!!

haw !!

Solilo said...


You know before giving them any work we better stick an instruction manual. Seriously! where is their mind when we ask them to do some chores? !!!!!!

One day my dear husband had to just boil eggs. Yes! just boil that and what do I find? Bomb blasts in the kitchen. All eggs exploded!

Dil se said...

@Meira: True, men are just impossible to be handled :-)
@Shruti:I think we should have a details instruction guide for every little task we want them to do :-) Thanks for the award and I'll definitely get on the tag.
@hitchwriter: Did you read Shuri's and Solilo's comments? They just prove my point.
@Solilo: I know. I remember my dadi always telling me to learn the household tasks else my it will be difficult for me in the in-laws house :-). I think such dialogues should now be reverted to the males these days :-)