Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are you smarter than a 3 year old?

Judge for yourself...

Scene 1:
Yesterday night, bedtime:
Me: Chalo Aayush, sleepy time.
A: Okay. lekin pehle yeh book read karo (First read me this book)
Me: Okay, lets read the story of Simba and Nala. Simba and Nala are playing. Simba wants to play Follow the leader. Nala wants to play Do the opposite.
A: No, It is Oppppppppposite. Aap theek se nahin bol rahe ho.
Me: okay. Opppposite. Is it correct now?
A: No way. Say like me. Oppppppppphos'te (Notice the introduction of f sound and shortening of ee sound between s and t towards the end)(I so wish I had recorded all this)
Me: Okay, thats fine. Lets get back on our story.
A:No way. aap fir se try karo.
Me: Okay Bitto. Oppppppppppphos'te (Really trying my best)
A: No Mumma. Say it with me. Oppppppppho
Me: OppppppppppppppppphoA: S'te
Me: S'te.
A: Opppppppppppphos'te
Me: Oppppppppppppppppppppos'te. Was that okay now.
(Just then his dad walks into the room)
A:(Laughing and giggling to his dad) Mumma ko Oppppphos'te nahin aata.

Scene 2
Evening time, Aayush riding his bike and me talking a walk.
We were walking near the community center in the apartment complex and there was a party going on there.

A: Wahan kya ho raha hai? (Wha't going on there?)
Me: Wahan shayad kisi ka B'day hai.(I think it is a B'day party)
A: Aayush ko bhi happy B'day karna hai (It was before his B'day in July)
Me: Haan Aayush ka bhi Happy B'day aane wala hai. Then you can have the cake and lots of balloons.
A: aur choo choo train bhi.
Me: Okay, you can have that too.
A (then peeking inside): What are they doing?
Me: They are dancing.
A: That's not dancing. They are just circling around.
Me: It's okay. Lets go and walk that way.
(Just then 2 more female guests arrived.They were a bit scantily dressed, in terms of what A has seen around)
A: Mumma, aunty shayad poore kapde pehanna bhool gayee (I think they forgot to wear all their clothes)

(Under the breath: Aur tumahre papa ko yeh tension hai ki tu hindi nahin seekh raha hai. Aisi situations mein hindi mein hi bola kar (And your Dad is concerned that you are not learning enough Hindi. You better speak Hindi in such situations)
A: What did you say?
Me: Nothing. Let's just go home.

So, I may be whatever big or small shot I think of myself, I cannot pronounce "OPPOSITE" and I am not smarter than a 3 year old :-)


Swaram said...

ROFL :D Hw smart! What he said abt the women lol :)

Dil se said...

yes that he is. And even I couldn't stop my laugh when I heard him say that. Now he says that for every women he sees with bare shoulders/short skirts :-)

Meira said...

Kids these days! A laugh riot.

Dil se said...

@Meira: Yes theyare. He cracks me up with his oh-so-smart-and-funny comments.

Solilo said...


hitch writer said...

What u cant even pronounce Oppppppppposite...

kya mummy !!

itta bhi nahi aata... !!!!


geez... see the male instincts... they are there even at 3 years of age....

scantily dressed women do something to us... lol...

lovely narration !! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL :) Abspholautely smart :)

Dil se said...

@Solilo: Kids... they are just impossible :-)
@Hitchwriter: itta bhi nahi aata... that's what my son aslo said to me too.
And couldn't agree more about those male instincts. I guess yeh setting upar se hi hokar aati hai, shuru se hi :-)
@IHM: That's so true !!