Friday, August 28, 2009

Let's do it...

Crochet.....yes that's may latest passion these days. And when I say "latest", I really mean it. I have this habit of starting a project, and then in midway, if it starts getting too long or gets stuck somewhere, I just get bored out of it and whooosh.... it is stashed somewhere in the closet of my other unfinished projects.

But this time, I really really want this project of mine to see the end of the tunnel and not get stashed with its other fellow buddies in the closet.
Almost every weekend, we go to the public library to get some books and DVDs for my son. And every time I am in the library, I definitely make sure to checkout the magazine section. Fiction section has long been lost behind; ever since Aayush gives me just enough time just to flip pages in a magazine and not finish a complete novel/book.
So lately most of the magazines that I check out are either crocheting, quilting or beading project related books. As I was growing up, my mom did make sure to teach me every skill she wanted her daughters to learn - Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, painting, dancing, sewing, cooking - you name it. So I pretty much know the basic stitches and all. But ever since I moved to US, it seems like ages that I have even touched a crochet hook. So I was a little apprehensive about starting a project and that too based on a pattern in the book.

But then this project caught my eye and I just wanted to do it. I just loved the design so much that I immediately got the exact color yarn the very next day. And as of today I am almost 25% into it.

For now, Let's see when the final product is done and how it comes out. And hopefully, this one gets a place on one of my chairs and not just inside the closet :-)

Dil se..


Swaram said...

Hey! Thatz so nice .. I am tempted to start one soon too :P

Those sea shells look really cute! Waiting to c the finished product nw ;)

Anonymous said...

any kind of creativity and me are poles apart...


Meira said...

wow! the cushions look great. are you making both ? all the best

Dil se said...

@Swaram: Feel free to join the club. And ill definitely post the pictures once I am done.
@Hitchwriter: That's fine. hey, at least we share one area of creativity, blogging, right?
@Meira: Thanks and I definitely need all the best. I am targeting to make both. And as I said, as long my interest keeps me glued, I will.

Sara said...

Great design,great idea and great dedication- hope you finish this one,soon!

Dil se said...

@Sara:Even I hope se, before my excitement and dedication barometer takes a nose dive :-)
Currently, I am dedicating all the time I get on this project.