Friday, August 14, 2009

My first blog award


I got my first blog award. And it has been awarded by shilpa

Thank you Shilpa and Congrats to crafty and hitchwriter too !!
And I enjoying remembering those dialogues so much.
First trying to put those dialogues on empty faces and identifying those faces.
Once those faces were identified, then fitting thsoe in the list of movies I had in my mind...
Wow !!
And all those movies were the ones I have seen N number of times and I am sure all of you must have too.

I mean, who can forget those hilarious lines from Golmal, chupke chupke, padosan, andaz apna apna, jaane bhi do yaaron !! or those "cheesy" lines from Deewar, MPK :-)
Wow !! East or west, apna bollywood is the best !! Jai ho !!
Dil se..


Swaram said...

Hey Congrats :)

Meira said...

congratulations :)

Dil se said...

Thanks Swaram, Meira !!

Reflections said...

Congratuations!!!!!! Wishing u many, many more:-))!!!!!

Dil se said...

Thanks !! Will definitely look forward to more!!