Monday, August 10, 2009

Pets or kids? Err.. what do you think?

A colleague of mine made a very disturbing(for me) comment some time back. It made me think a lot. Let me know what you people have to say about it:

"I would rather have 2 pets than having a kid. My wife wants to have one, but see my theory is, if the kids grow up and do not turn out as I wanted them to be, then it is going to be a huge disappointment for me. But with pets, it is never the case. They will just behave the way you want."

The first thought that came to my mind after hearing this was :What if your parents had thought the same way?

Let me tell you something else too: This person comes from a very different culture and background that I am from. So I generally try not to be too judgemental on the person because I may not be knowing all the facts about them. But when X said this, I said to myself "You are better off with a pet only."


Meira said...

I wish he'd had this discussion with his wife before marriage or married a lady who had similar thoughts. I'm ok with people not thinking like I do (and I would want both kids and pets :D) but i hate to see them enforcing their ideas on others.
Poor wife!

Swaram said...

To each his own; but I wonder y does he even expect something in return from kids! Isn't it enuf that they give us so much joy?

N yeah when his wife wants them so much, its sad if he says pets r better :(

Dil se said...

@Meira: You are right. And the funny thing is that as per him, he dated his wife for about 6 years before he got married.
@Swaram: What I got from his comments is that he is more concerned about raising the kids as he would want them to be and not accept the kids just as they are !! I really, really pity his thinking.

Anonymous said...

I feel anybody who feels this way should not have children. But why didn't he tell his wife this earlier? Under the circumstances they should have kids, and keep their fingers crossed, many people who feel this ay change their minds once they have children...

And this guy is sadly mistaken that pets can be made the way we like. I have grown up with pets and still have three, they do not grow the way we like them to. They have their own personalities. I have sen too many people buy pets and then look for someone else to adopt them or even abandon them on streets because they did not turn out the way they had hoped.

Children, pets, and any responsibility requires some amount of patience and maturity, if they can't handle one, there is little chance that they will manage another :(

Here's a story of one such sad, lost, hungry, abandoned dog, A Dog's Heart

Dil se said...

That's what even I am surprised about, IHM. I was under the impression that couples discuss and agree on the smallest of things before marriage in American culture.
But what I got from his comment is that he is afraid to take on any kind of responsibility. As you said, kids and pets, both are a great responsibility, each in a different way. I have never had a pet so can't say for sure, but I do have a 3 yr old, so I an say for sure, you can never make them do as you want them to.
I just hope he finds something in life to live for, love for and be responsible for.