Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Boy !! July is here - Part II - Happy B'day Aayush

Here comes the most important B'day for July - July 28 - my own - as a mom, as mumma, as Mommy...
For my little Aayush.
The little angel came into my life as a ray of sunshine, as a bundle of joy, with bags of laughter and loads of smiles.
He was in fact in such a hurry to come to me that he put in a special appeal in God's court to see his Mom Dad early. And God said: "No kid !! Wait for a few more days"
But that naughty fellow crawled out of there and jumped right into my arms :-)

I still remember that day clear as crystal...
Me and S went to our work locations as usual
Had my regular checkup scheduled with my OBGYN in the afternoon
When I reached there, the doctor's office was full with patients. S had to return to his office for a meeting, so he got frustrated on seeing that the doctor's office had overbooked appointments.
For a moment, we thought "Let's just reschedule for tomorrow"
But then they called our name and we were in.

The nursing assistant started the exam and I somehow didn't like the look on her face.
She paused for a second and asked "Have you had any pain or any sensation"
And I said "I had a strange sensation last night. I am going to talk to the doctor about it"
And she just rushed to get the doctor immediately.
The doctor came back, took a look at the exams and said "We have to take you to the hospital. There is no fluid in the body"

And I was blank. Unable to realize what was going on or what was happening. Felt as if someone pulled the grounds off my feet.
And within moments, I was on stretcher and then in an ambulance rushing to the hospital.
Once at the hospital, the doctors were in a dilemma whether to deliver the baby so early or not. Finally after about 4 hours from when it all started, the doctors finally decided to deliver the baby.
In the delivery room, one of the nurses I had become friends with, asked me "Parul, what do you think it is, a boy or a girl?" And I said "It is a boy, That's what my heart says."
The nurse said "Oh, and I think it is a girl !!" Let's see who will be right !!

And then at 4:16 PM on July 28, here he came !! My life, my smile, my love, my soul !!
He came in this world to teach me so many things ...
to love without any condition ....
to smile without any reason .....
to dance without any music .....

Thank you my son for giving me the privilege of my life
For bringing back light into our lives...
For curling your fingers around mine to hold me...
for making me AAYUSHMOM

Love you my bittu
Dil se....


Sara said...

Happy Birthday to how old is he now?

Dil se said...

Thanks Sara !! He turns 3 today.

Preeti Shenoy said...

A very very happy b;day to Aayush :)

Dil se said...

Thanks Preeti, for the wishes and for stopping by.