Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Boy !! July is here: Part I

Just sometime back, year 2009 had just started and now July is already here. Wow, time really flies :-)
Anyways, July is important for me because I have so many birthdays to remember in this month. I really try my best to remember almost all of them.
Well, the 2 most important of them are of my 2 cancerian siblings, my lil sis Shweta or Golu as we lovingly used to call her and my still kid like brother, Adish or Mannu, as we all at home like to call him.

The earliest memories of Golu...she was the youngest one, so before my brother came in, she got the privilege to sleep closest to mumma at night. Whenever me and Ritu(my middle sister) used to have a fight, we could fight with eah other, but it was a unsaid pact that whatever we were fighting over,Golu would have the first share on that.
All 3 of us used to go the same school in Ranchi. Me being the eldest, was responsible for making sure that I took both of them to the home to school and back to home safely and with responsibility.
So when we would be walking to the bus stop, we had a default pattern in which we would walk: picture this, I would be carrying my school bag and would be on the side of the road where traffic was going. Ritu would be carrying her own school bag. And Golu would be in between both of us, just carrying the water bottle, hanging on her neck. And me and Ritu would take turns in carrying Golu's bag, exchanging turns some time around mid way.

At the beginning of every school year, my mom made it a point to take all 3 of us to a photo studio to get a picture taken for all 3 of us in school uniform.(yes, that was the time when digital cameras were unheard of an getting a picture taken at a studio was almost considered a luxury).
Even in those pictures, our posing pattern remained the same: Me and Ritu on the sides and Golu in the middle.
Even years later, we tease her saying: "We were scared you would run away"
And she teases me and Ritu back saying: " Mom gave me my own security guards right from the beginning"

Golu is now a mom of yet another cute pari today. But for me, she is still my little girl, my little Golu. A very Happy B'day dear sis !! May you have all the happiness you ever wished for.
Love you always

So, the next cancerian in my family is my kiddo brother. Okay, he is already married but for me , he is still that little brother who used to ask me just before going to the school: "Didi, please is copy par cover chadha do na !! Promise, kal se raat ko hi bata doonga"
Or the brother whom I pampered so much that I used to do his homework in left hand so that a) he would not get punished at the school for not doing the homework and b) the teacher does not know that it's me and not him who did the homework !!
He's the same cute brother of mine who once at the age of 5, decided that his mom was being too strict and he was going to leave home.So he packs up all his stuff (which included a box full of marbles, stickers, some balls and his favorite cap) and leaves the house in the summer afternoon. But then comes back home after about one hour later because the water tap in the park was not as cold as the one in the refrigerator at home.

He's still the same brother for me whose incomplete homeworks, mid term and final exams gave me more anxiety attacks than they bothered him.
Whenever we had a sibling fight, me and Mannu were one team and Ritu, Golu were another team.
He's the best brother any sister could ever ask for
One who observes everything happening but waits for the right moment and occasion to express his emotion.
One who understands his sisters so well, he can tell them by their voice whether they are worried about anything

God I miss him so much today !! I so search him in my son, in his actions, in his sweet talks.

May he finds happiness at every step in life.
May nothing bad ever even touch the air around him.
Love you bhai..

Dil se..


hitch writer said...

Very loving this post... !!!

I am sure having an older sister is an amazing feeling... !!!

Ur bro is lucky to have you and you in turn lucky to have him... !! god bless.. !

Dil se said...

Thanks Hitch writer !!
You are right, it is an amazing feeling.
I have been their friend, their Maths and Science tutor, guardian when teachers at school wanted to contact me to send a report home.