Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simple pleasures of the day

Sometimes simple, small things during the day are big enough to make your day worthwhile !! So much so, that you sleep with a smile on your face.

I woke up to find that my sweety li'l pie was much better now after a week long fever that he had (touch wood !!). After waking him up with my daily routine of hide and seek with him, we both got ready for office/school. Even after this long break, he didn't forget to do his little routine of "Jai jai bye bye pyaari kissi see you" to bhagwan jee in my little temple in the house. And then kissing mom a very sweet "Love you mumma !!"

After dropping him off, the way to my work is exactly 2 songs long (yes, that's the way I measure how far the place is). So the 2 songs that started my pleasant day are here: (My all time favorite hummable songs)

And this song from khushboo:(classic combo of Gulzar and RDB)

And then, the sweet topping on my day was watching my little guy playing and giggling with his best friend. They met each other as if they had met after decades.

Such days make me realize the importnce of what all I have ...
to cherish what is here today...
to enjoy what might change tomorrow..

Dil se..

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