Monday, July 14, 2008


How do you win a fight with a 2 year old(well... almost 2 now)

Okay fight may be a little too much of a word.But what do you really do when:
a) It is 7:15 AM in the morning, you have a teleconference at work at 8, its takes you exactly 45 minutes to drop your son to the day care and then to work, and you are trying to put on the shoes on the little one, and all of a sudden he decides that he wants to wear his socks on his hands and not on his feet?????? No matter what you do, he HAS TO WEAR THEM ON HIS HANDS ONLY !! Okay, so you just pick him up with his socks still on his hands, his bag and my own purse in one hand, his shoes in another, car keys in the same hand, get out of the house and rush to get him seated in car.

So, once you are in the car, now he decides that he wants to try his hands on the steering wheel (and me sitting in the car seat ? I'd really love that ride :-) I try to reasonably explain ti him that he can have that privilege when we come back home in the evening. But my promises and requests do not seem to work at all !! So, finally, he gets to be in the driver seat, where checks if all the controls on mommy's car are working fine. Tunes up the radio, checks the AC, indicator lights, headlights !! Just routine checks , you see.

Once all the checks are done, that's when he decides to settle in his car seat. And that's when I rush to get as soon as possible to his day care and then to work. And this routine repeats itself almost every day.
So, now I have learnt 2 things:
a) when getting ready to put on his socks, get 2 pair of socks instead of one from the drawer. Hand him one pair to put on his hands and in the meanwhile, put another one on his feet.
b) When heading out, put him straight into the driver seat, while I put my bag and other stuff into the car.
So, see now both are happy !!
So, why am I writing all this? Just to show how raising a kid makes you learn so much through experience.

See Ya !!
Will be back with more stories soon.

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