Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sorry, I have not been able to write since last so many days. Have been really busy at work here.
and at home, that little kiddoo keeps me on my toes, literally...
I read this somewhere recently, and I thought how true it is for my situation.
"Earlier, I had six theories about raising kids and now I have six kids and no theories "
So, though I have only one, but believe me , no theory or book can help you get through :-)

Anyways, I got a chance to read Amitabh Bachchan's blog recently. I have always adored him ( and his son too !!) as an actor as well as a person too.So, when I started reading his blogs, I was expecting to learn more about Amitabh as a person rather as an actor, promoter and entertainer. But, I still like his style of writing. One of my favorite lines from his blogs ia a line from his father:
“Man ka ho to acchha. Man ka na ho to zyada acchha !”

Promise, I'll try to be more regular and will be back with something more interesting.


Sara said...

Hi Parul,this is my first time on your blog..its truly straight from the heart, write more frequently!!

Dil se said...

Thanks Sara and sorry for the delayed reply. Will try to be more regular on my writing.