Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music, music and music

Getting back to my blog after a long long time !!
Well things have been really busy for the last couple of weeks.

Anyways, so today I want to talk about music. Yeah, one big part of my life.
I just love music(Well, who doesn't :-)
But I am crazy about our typical Bollywood music.
I grew up listening to old Vivid Bharti in India. I remember, when I was growing up, I was so fond of the radio. I would listen to each and every song that aired on "Aap ki farmaish" in afternoon, "Chayageet" at night or "Jaimala" on Sunday afternoons. I even kept a log of what song was going on what rank on "Cibaca geet mala" by Ameen Sayani.

Seeing my craze for radio, my Dad got me a small pocket transistor, a red colored one. And I would keep it glued to my ears. Thankfully my grades in school were never bad, so my mom kind of protested, but she never pressed me real hard to give it up. But my li'l pocket transistor used to act as ransom for my sisters whenever I had a sibling fight with my sisters. In lieu of the batteries from that transistor, they could ask me to do anything and I just couldn't see myself missing even a single song!!

Then came the age of FM in India. Even that was good, but then it has more(actually lots) of talking and less of songs on that.

Anyways, when I moved here to States, one of the things I missed most was my radio. Yeah.... Internet radio, streaming music, everything is available but it's just THAT !!
So, when I got my iPod last year, I started collecting songs I loved most and missed. I now have a collection of about 700 such songs(And is being constantly updated)
So, every evening, when I am dead tired, from whole day of running around from home to son's school to work to back home, it's that music that soothes me. Sure it is not exactly "Vivid Bharti" but it does take me to the same old times, with me humming to those tunes.

Here's one of the songs from my ever favorite lists !! Evergreen song from the most beautiful voice !!

Enjoy !!

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Sara said...

Lovely song, an evergreen!!