Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Grandparents

This Friday is grandparents day at my son’s school and the kids’ grandparents are invited to the school for a special program. And there would none of the grandparents to visit my son at his school.
Because they are all in India.
It’s on days like this that living in this country kills me.
For the last 2 years, I have been dual capping as his parent and his grandparent at school
So that was the plan for this year too.
But then the school at the last minute turned me down, on the pretext of space and crowd management.
Being a Christian school, there will be senior sisters and nuns to “act” as grandparents for kids whose grandparents cannot make it to the event.
But obviously he'll miss showing the picture of the bank he drew for his Babaji showing him seated in the manager’s chair
He'll miss showing the family tree he created and specially selected the picture of his Nana where he stole his pen from his pocket on his first visit to India.

He often asks me to tell him stories about my childhood and was always laughed at the part when I said that we used to have a fight with my nani every time we visited her
Because she would get all 3 of us in a rickshaw and get us a haircut the day we used to land in Delhi.
And he is always fascinated by the story of my babaji making Diwali sweets at home and specially making the “bura” (which he loves) at home
During my last visit to India, I showed him pictures of one of my Mamaji’s wedding and in there showed him my Nanaji also.
And in there, I also showed him his own Nana (my dad) with lots of hair on his head.
And whenever I scold/discipline him for something, his immediate first question is “Did Nani/Amma used to do the same to you guys?”
I feel proud that he is so much interested in learning about his roots and wants to stay connected to them.
It’s the times like these that leave me feeling clueless and upset.

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