Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Forwarded jokes

Yes, I am talking about all those jokes and so called trivia information people like to enlighten each other with on various social media sites. Earlier it used to be the race to forward these material via emails. Then cam orkut and everyone was in a race to grace the walls of their friend circles with the freshest jokes first. Then came FB. Same story again.

Next in the line is Whatsapp. I am (have been forced to be a part of) at least 10 different Whatsapp groups consisting of school friends, college friends, cousins from mom as well as dad sides. And all I can see happening on those groups is just jokes being forwarded to  each other. Have we really forgotten the art of having a conversation with someone? 

I was willing to give that group consisting of my cousins a break thinking they are of a different age group. However, imagine my surprise when I saw the same thing happening on my college friends group as well as in a personal conversation I myself initiated with a friend who used to live in the same city and now moved to a different city. 
People, if anyone from those groups is reading, when I accept to interact  with someone, I am looking for a real conversation and some interest in me. For comedy and laughs, I have "Modern Family" and "The big bang theory" here.

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