Friday, April 1, 2011

Bachon ke mukh se

The Scene: Me and Aayush are driving to school this morning and he sees a bike parked in one of the houses.

Aayush: Mom, how come dad doesn't know how to drive a motor cycle?
Me: He know how to drive, but he doesn't have one here, so he doesn't drive it
Aayush: Well, he can buy one. There are lots of them in the store.
Me: Yes, he can. but for that, he'll need lots of money, you see.
Aayush: Then he can buy money too (so obvious na !!)
Me: Aayush, we cannot buy money. Who told you that?
Aayush: Well, there is a machine in the bank where you put your card and it can give you lots and lots of money.
Me: No, that machine doesn't always work. It works only when you have money.
Aayush: (All of a sudden really serious): Well, then I can ask God for money. Do you want me to ask him next time? I can really ask him if you want me to !!
Me: (Really trying not to laugh because these days he really takes it to heart if I laugh at things he says): Really? Yes, please do ask him and while you are doing that, please ask some for mommy too !!
Aayush: Okay, sure !! I 'll ask. (And he is relaxed now because his dad can drive a bike and he has one big assignment to do: ask God for money)

My cute kiddooo !! May your God always listen to whatever you ask for. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Aayush is indeed a cutie pie :)
{{{{hugs}}}} to the little prince :)

BK Chowla, said...

They are more intelligent and more curios than we think.

Smita said...

Kids are so innocent!!!

Hugs to him!!

ES said...

When I was young, I thought people just go to bank and bank gives any amount of money they want. I was quite sure about that! That was another reason to pester my parents for all sorts of toys and things. :)

IndianTopBlogs said...
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kp said...

This is to say that we 'spotted!' you here:

Anonymous said...

Awww so cute :-) May his belief in God remain intact :-)

Swaram said...

how sweet :)

Damyanti said...

Kids know exactly what they are talking about. God bless him.