Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The interview that never happened

Remember, I told you I had an interview last week. So after the interview, when I started thinking about it, something just struck me. These days these interviews are situational interviews where you have to give example of actual situations to explain how you acted and took control/handled the situation.
So, it appeared to me that I could have given them much much better examples and situations if I could use real-life stories from my day to day life.
Here, I am attempting to answer some of those questions, as I would have liked to:

a) How to you get requirements from a person who is very unclear/vague about what he needs.What tools did you use to facilitate? What was the final result?

My response: I have come across this situation on several instances actually. Like every evening, when I try to ask husband/son about what they want to eat for dinner, typical answers I get are "Anything/Something different/that one which you made last month(I don't remember what I ate this morning and they are talking about last month)

Some of the tools I use: Just ignore them (yeah, just cook whatever can be cooked in the shortest time and for which I already have ingredients in my refrigerator). Sometimes, just give them 2 options, either this or that and they just have to pick one.
And then, in some instances, serve them what they asked for, "NOTHING" yeah, just make a really tiring and sad face, indicating I am in no mood to cook, and if you really force me to cook, you'll have to eat something
pathetic. So, for the sake of taste buds and health considerations of all of us,we should better eat outside.
Result: So far has been pretty positive, I mean we do eat everyday, so I guess that proves my point.

b) Explain a situation when you had to change your priorities to get something accomplished. How did it affect the original task?

My response: Now, again this happens almost everyday. So, in the morning rush, when everyone is trying to get ready and I am buy packing lunches and getting breakfast ready, in between of all that, a voice will start like "I can't find my socks, can you look for them?" I try to ignore that voice and continue on my mission (of getting everyone including me out of the house in time). But then another voice adds to that voice "Mommy, where is my bag and my red shirt and even Barney is hiding?"
So, I really have to shift gears, get back to 2 lost clueless souls and help them find their stuff and then rush back to the kitchen just in time before that toast decides to really stick to that "supposed to be" non stick pan, hmmph....
Results: Except for occasional over toasted toasts, my skipped breakfast and a little craziness at the start of the day, everything seems fine and we are out of the house, finally !!

c) Explain a situation when you had to really sell your idea and convince someone on a concept? What tools did you use? What was the final result?

My response: Now, even you would agree that convincing a 4 year old on something is the most difficult task. Specially when he gives arguments like: "I don't want to eat anymore because my tummy is saying don't send any more food" or "I don't want to take shower because I'll get wet"
So, in situations like these, I have to bring out my some special skills like telling him "Okay, let' send a message to the tummy saying that Aayush needs to grow big, so he needs to finish his dinner"
or the creative idea of "Okay, lets skip water and just use the soap bubbles to clean ourselves then."
Results: I am getting creative everyday, with challenges like these.And you know who else is also getting smarter? My son, yeah he comes up with some other argument against my creative idea. We still have to see who gives up :-)

See, this interview, I am damn sure, I would have aced !!
As for the actual one which happened, I am still waiting, with my fingers crossed.


Samvedna said...

wishing you all the best for your actual interview!!, as you fare well in realistic ones, you will do the same there too:)

vimmuuu said...

LOL !!! How I wish we could give real life scenarios like those in an interview ! :D :D :D

and on the second scenario mentioned here, I had already written about that in my 'ladies hostel' post. You will find the age old mystery to why men search for stuffs ! and if at all you read it, try not having anything near the PC to throw on it ! :D :D :D

Btw, I just finished a fiction post on an interview too and I had a similar title too; gonna change it now ! :D :D

vimmuuu said...

oh wait, all the best for the future interviews ! :D

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful with finding answers to all difficult seeming questions from daily life :D
Loved your take on the interview.
I am pretty sure you must have fared well in the actual interview too.

My best wishes for the results :)


Dil se said...

@Samvedna: Thank you. I hope so too:-)
@vimmuuu: Aah, welcome here !! Even I so wish :-)
and yes, I did read that post of yours, and all I can say, men will be men :-) And I did read that post of yours with the changed title just today :-)
Thanks for the best wishes.
@CB: thanks buddy. It means a lot to me.