Friday, June 18, 2010

And I hope all is well from here

Relationships are complex. People from different background, different circumstances, different situations have varying levels of expectations from each other. And when those are not met, it creates a huge mess and misunderstanding.that affects not the only people directly involved but several others.

Someone I know and very close to me had been in such a web for quite some time. And just got to know that with some efforts and initiatives from everyone involved, a lot of confusions, misunderstanding were cleared. Am I relieved? A lot because I know how much it was killing the people involved in it.
But I am just not daring enough to be happy yet, because I wast to wait and watch how the events unfold from here.
And that's why I wish, I hope all is well from here.
For everyone's sake ..

PS: The person mentioned above does read my blog. So, for a message for that person: You are so strong. And just so you know, you have all my support and help on this.


MindfulMeanderer said...

:) amen.

Dil se said...

Thanks Shruti !!

Sara said...

Relations like a human web, suck you in as if you were an insect,sometimes!

Chatterbox said...

My best wishes to everyone involved :)
I hope they seek peace and happiness soon :)

Neena Sharma said...

I do hope all is well from here

Samvedna said...

I wish and hope that all is well.

Everything comes down to a little bit of understanding and communication.

Dil se said...

@Sara: what you said is very right about the relationships !! Hard to live with them, and hard to leave them too.

Dil se said...

Thanks everyone for the wishes. Time will tell how things unfold from here.