Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's rewind !!

Some dreams are just to remain dreams, some come with strings atached with them and fulfillment of some affects many others around you. So, the delima of mine I mentioned in my last post, was one of such a kind. My decision will have effect on at least  3 lives  and a lot seems to be on stake. So I am just unable to make myself go through this road.

Will I regret it? Not really, because I am taking this decision for myself, for the ones I love too much, for some priorities we had decided a long time back.

Will I be stuck going on the same road? Not even that !! Because a change is what I definitely need. I just need to find another path which is a little more favorable for my situations and priorities.

Wish me luck on my search and endeavor !!


MindfulMeanderer said...

:) hugssss.
I'm glad u have it all sorted out now.

Samvedna said...

lad to know that you have your priorities very clear in your mind and this clarity always makes way in life.
Wish you all the best!

MindfulMeanderer said...

Award for u

shilpa said...

Goodluck with everything and hugs!

Sara said...

All the best...and now that you've reached a decision...just stick to it!

Kanupriya said...

All the best for your endeavor. And yes such decisions are hard to take in life, I'm glad you've managed to come to a conclusion :)

Dil se said...

@MM: Thanks. and yes I had to choose one way or the other soon.
@Samvedna: Very true. Now that I have made my decision,it feels so light.
@@MM: Thanks for the awards. I'll claim them soon.
@Shilpa: Thank you.I really need all the luck to get on the path I have selected.
@Sara: Thanks !! and that's what I intend to.
@Kanupriya: Thanks Kanu. You are right. It was difficult to make this decision because my heart said one thing and head the other. But I just had to go one way.

Swaram said...

Aww hugs Parul. Glad u r clear with what u want to do. Cheers and God bless :)
Happy Women's Day btw :)